Is a Nutrient deficiency?

Hi all. I am growing a couple of white widow cbd auto flowers for my first grow and mostly seems to going ok. Today my larger plant showed some the lower and mid leaves with a yellowish tint with brown splotches. Is this a manganese deficiency?

I am growing in a pot for pot soil mixture, so I have just been watering no nutes. Any commentary is helpful.


Tds run off?

Might be hungry time to feed, well most likey because if your not feeding your PH is fine.

Generally yellowing and plants not dark green enough so I bet once you tell us the run off TDS we will confirm that it’s hungry


So it has possibly depleted the nutrients from the soil I used. Is the best way to test TDS to water to runoff and check the runoff?
I will be doing this tonight when I get home from work.
To be pro active, is there a certain fertilizer I can get from a gardening center on my way home? Or do I need to order one of the specialty nutes brands that I read about on the forum.

Sorry for all the questions. First timer.


TDS was 1600

I think that’s a decent level. Did you pH the runoff as well? If the pH is off then you might be getting a lockout - that’s when nutrients are in the pot, but the plant can’t access them because the pH is wrong. If I remember right you want soil pH around 6.0 to 7.0.

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PH was 6. Is it possible I am not watering enough? It took a lot of water to get it to runoff.

Maybe, but the leaves don’t look under-watered (they’d be drooping). I’m guessing a nutrient deficiency, but I’m don’t know enough to say which. I think a general veg fertilizer will help. Start with a low dosage, maybe 50% of what’s recommended and see if they improve after a few days.