Is a Dehumidifier necessary?

Im in the vegetative state as of now. the humidity is around 50-70%. Will there be problems if i dont use a dehumidifier?

Not in veg. If you’re hitting 70 in flower you’re inviting rot.


Are you growing in a tent? Right now no, but in flower yes 70% would not be good. Are you running an inline fan?

Depends on your region. If you’re in flower, and it’s above 50% RH, you’re inviting issues.

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My room runs right at 58 to 60 rh, I have inline exhaust fan and small fans blowing on the plants, they are autos. Did you see a problem with that and if so what kind of problems should I look out for

Air exchange, and air circulation are the two most important tools if you don’t have a dehumidifier. That’s a little cold, but the humidity is good if you’re in veg.
If you can get it up at least 70°F you’d be in better shape.

My room is about 72 degrees, right around 60 rh good air circulation, I live in the south, high humidity

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Shouldn’t need it…I have 2 inline fans and an exhaust fan…my temp sits on 20-24 degrees lights on with a 40-45% humidity…and 18-20 degrees with a 55-60% humidity…