Is 8 plants to much for a 4x8x7 grow area

Im just seeing what everone else thank if 8 plants is to much for a 4x8x7 grow area with two 400 mh lights just seeing if i could get a better yeild if on my next grow if i drop a few or if i should stay with what my 8 thanks

Could work IF…the strain you pick is not bushy…and is more skinny vertically.

Most of the hybrids will bush out big time and would get waay too crowded.

I got 4 banna kush and 4 black berry kush im going to give it a shot and see how they do i got 8 in there now but bought some leds and they was not big enuff didnt find out till 4 weeks in put them back on my mh light and there doing much better