Is 630w CMH lighting to intense for seedlings?

A question of a fellow grower:
Is 630w CMH lighting to intense for seedlings? Should it be a certain distance away? I can also turn off one bulb/ballast for just 315w. Thanks for your input.

I use florescent light for seed starting. But yes it can be done you need to do on the lowest setting and see what you’re distance chart is for your double end light and keep a eye on the temperature on the top of the soil i have burned up some expensive seeds with having it to close i would still use a humidity dome to be on the safe side.

I would join the forum. If you have questions about seedlings, then you have many more questions coming. I use a standard T5 for my new seedlings and when they go under my LEDs I keep the LEDs as far away as possible until they enter veg.

My seed just popped using 600w mh for light is that too much

@dbrn32 is the person to talk to.

Not too much, just keep light high.

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Thank you dbrn32 in process of putting tent together now using 3x3x6 think ill have about 36 inch clearance from seedling to light

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