Is 40,000 lumens enough light

I have a 4’ 8 tube 40,000 lumen fluorescent light. Is this sufficient light, and how far should I keep it above the plants?

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How large is grow space?

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It will grow weed bit it is not optimal by far… it will work for heavily trained shallow canopy anything over 12 inches depth is gonna suffer in density… florecnts best job is cloning and short veg period plants… highly advise against flowering with florecents if not a seasoned growr

It’s 8’x8’x6’ tall underground concrete storm shelter but I just have approximately 6"plants on a table starting them and will move them outside when they get big enough to possibly survive the wildlife.

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Way to small you can do the foot print under fixture and not much more

Did you get the light at a hardware store?

Sounds like a typical t5ho fluorescent 4’ grow light. These will effectively veg up to about a 4’x4’ space. Starting outdoor plants with one shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t require light to cover a lot more space.

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