Is 2 ml of ph down to bring water into range unusual?


I am using spring water and jacks classic fertilizer,1/8 th teaspoon20-20-20 and 1/8th teaspoon flower,mixed before checking ph. The water turns blue when testing ph,I have to use 2 ml of ph down to make water yellow. Is this normal?


I am not familiar with what you use. But do know the nutrients I use drop the PH from 7 (bottled spring water) to about 4.5 in mine, so I have to PH up to 6.5. And have heard most nutrients will shift it one way or the other.

SO I guess my answer is yes, the PH will change when nutrients/fertilizer are added, and you must correct it.

PS – you may want to consider getting a PH meter in the future if possible, as the difference between 6.5 and 6.9 can cause some nutrients to be locked out, but you may not be able to tell a slightly different shade of yellow (or whatever color) from feed to feed. Just something to put on your shopping list…


Most nutrients, when added to water will change the Ph. However, you need to get yourself a good Ph meter. The drops you are using are not accurate and that may be why you’re having to add so much Ph down. Here is a good cheap meter that will work for you.

And for more money, this is the preferred meter that most of us here use.


@raustin your link is wierding out… That’s the ph meter I have… love it!!!


Hmm, I can’t seem to fix it.


My Apera meter is in the air somewhere on its way here, ordered it a few days ago…


Thank you, I guess you can tell my experience level is.


Excellent, you won’t be sorry you got it. This will make life much easier for you. I recommend not doing anything until your new meter arrives.


I was where you are a little over a year ago, and I am far from a expert now, but once you pick up a few things, it is not a hard plant to grow.

And we love pictures, so if you run into any problems, feel free to post a pic and ask for help (or just ask for help if pics are not an option, but a pictures worth a… you get the point, lol…

@raustin dropping my beans tomorrow, am already 2 weeks behind last year, and the cold almost got me last year, so am already worried about 6 months from now. It should be here before they sprout (friday is expected delivery day)…


Start a grow journal so we can all follow. It’s also easier to get help with problems when we know everything you’ve done.