Is 12/12 enough for autoflower veg time

Might be a dumb question, but is 12/12 enough time to properly veg an auto flower?? It’s been almost 2 weeks from seed and my BBA seems kind small.

Give it time. It will take off soon. My did nothing for 2 weeks. Now I don’t know if I have enough tent. Right now it’s energy is going into growing roots to support the coming growth.

Here’s a pic of it. Never grown autos never probably will again.

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Blueberry auto


Is that your current grow or from the past??

Currant grow. I had one done in 11 weeks. This is 11 weeks and just went to flower. My first started at 3 weeks but grew a lot. Ended up with 5 quarts of buds from one blueberry auto

Noice!! Work

You can really do a lot more to autos than they say. Start training NOW. Supercrop and scrog will get a lot more bud than just letting it grow in to a Christmas tree


Prevailing thoughts say…12/12 works…BUT…more is better. Meaning quicker, bigger harvest.

I would avoid the 24/7 some recommend. Auto’s generally known to produce less than regular photos, but, they can finish in 3 months as opposed to the 5+ months of regulars.

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I got about 2.5 z from my BB without much training , I just tied out some branches to get more light . I’ve got a Northern Lights seed and a Amnesia Haze seed in soil waiting to pop up . I will be Cropping and some LST on these for sure . First time for me , experimenting . I saw where @PetesCloset beat the crap out of his . He said he’s not scared to train his . lol. Heres the BB I got without training .


@Familyman you may also raise your plant up a bit. It looks like it’s a good bit lower than your other plant

I think I’m going to move it back to 16/8 tent until flower.


I think you want as much light as you can get for an auto: They only live a limited time, so hit it with 18/6 or even 24/0 for the full life of the plant. That makes it bigger, so you get higher yield. Changing the photoperiod does nothing for autos.

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Thanks. I moved it back into my 16/8 tent today. Hopefully i didn’t stunt it too much by limiting the light.

Most of us use 24/0 the first week. 18/6 or 16/8 weeks 2-4, 12/12 till she eats herself up when we stop feeding her a couple of weeks before chop so she’ll be a smooth smoke.


light schedules? on autos?

Fan trim starts this week. She is right around 40 days. 4x3 tent, Viper full spec 400 watt LEDx2.I have great results with 18/6. Light noots, rainwater, 80 deg F

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Like you i am a newbee but you are way ahead of me. Anyway i too want to use rain water and your grow looks like it works very well. i also want to use worm castings and perlite as the only nutriants for the white Widow seeds. Any thoughts?

I think you will need some nutes and the amount depends on what soil you use.