Is 10 cbd high or low


I got theses seeds that are ten % cbd just wanna see if it’s high or not


Yes generally any above 6% is a high cbd strain


I guess I scored I got like 300 of them for free they are just regular so some could be male


Where you get them from


Am I aloud to tell u last I’ve been getting blocked on here but from Canada


Yes just don’t put up the webb address


From over go Canada they send you them to plant every where strain freedom dream 10 cbd 1thc


Oh wow I paid 30 dollars for 5 seeds with 5%cbd and 5%thc i would be kinda liery of that a 10 to 1 ratio being 10%cbd and 1%thc that is hemp not weed


My seeds are ?


You there it’s hemp not weed


Yes it’s hemp not weed


Yea they said 12% cbd for pain dam I smoked some got it for free could use them to breed tho right ? @ThcinKC


Cbd strains are usually a one to one ratio and or a 2 or 3% difference between the two hemp is a high cbd to oil ratio with anything 3% thc or less is commercial hemp


Ok ok so it’s good for oil o well should plant them anyway around


I would never breed hemp with my good weed strains unless you have a couple areas to cultivate and breed and expensive thc and cbd testers to help pick the good plants out and be able to breed back 7 times to make it stabilized


Dont do it.


Lol no I’m just see my options don’t want to waste them