Irrigation: From 40gal Reservoir to 40 Plants

Hi All,
This phase of build out is to automate the watering of my first flower room containing 36 plants in 5 gallon buckets (soil grow).

In the simplest terms, I’m looking to bring water out of my 40 gallon reservoir, pushing from an EcoPlus 1267 pump and then splitting into 6 tables/sections of the room. From there we’ll split again into 6 terminations for individual plants.
Here’s my thoughts but could anyone offer some advice or links to what hose/connections/terminations to buy?? Or maybe a kit?

We already have this EcoPlus 1267 GPH Submersible Water Pump. 5.95psi.

Water pumps through 1" outlet so I know I need 1" hose or pvp pipe to get into my grow tent.

From there I’m thinking to split 6 ways and run even-length hoses to each of the 6 platforms under the lights? But I can’t find a 6-way splitter?

After this we’ll again split X6 ways and run even-length hoses to each bucket and terminate with these.

Can anybody comment on this?

Many thanks,

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Are you going to valve each line so you can prevent a plant from getting water that’s not ready for water yet?

I think the end terminations can be manually switched off/closed but no I wouldn’t. I’m watering all plants the same amount at the same time.

You need to create an outer loop , so that every plant has equal pressure and volume of water flow…
Kind of like if you were plumbing in body sprays in a shower…
I will draw you up something tomorrow if you want that will explain what I’m saying… :+1::wink:
This will reduce cost by not having a bunch of different valves at each plant sight and will make sure that every plant gets the same amount of water…


For sure. @peachfuzz


Peachfuzz is completely correct; shorter runs will put out more water than longer runs. But if you’re watering to runoff, it’s probably not a huge concern. And my rain bird emitters can be dialed anywhere from open to closed so you shouldn’t have a problem getting the system close.

You might have an challenge going from the pump barb to PVC. I’d step down to a smaller barb if the pump has one and then run that into the tent.

Are you going to drain to waste?

Sorry my friend , I’ll get you that pic later today after work… :+1:

Thus far I haven’t had a need to runoff. I’m watering almost a gallon per 5 gallon bucket and we just end up with a few drips into the pan below which evaporates shortly.

Sorta an aside, but if you water thoroughly and get say 25% runoff, you can pH the water in and the runoff. That’s the method I’m most familiar with to track soil pH. I don’t mean to derail the thread, and others are probably better able to guide you through pH measurement in soil.

Rain Bird has 6-line splitters on Amazon. I’d start there and head to a specialized plumbing supply house to look for pvc fittings and poly barbs. Personally I’m a fan of ABS instead of PVC, but you’re going to be limited to what is common in your area.