Irrigation/Fertigation Layout/Specs/Price?

Hey all,
I’m building our a 1600 sq ft grow room and have been to the moon and back with many vendors on plans and schematics for everything from electrical to irrigation. I did a forum search and didn’t return any threads but maybe those of us who’ve been down the ‘build out’ road can compile a thread of information on recommendations, various setups and pricing ranges for irrigation/fertigation methods for the community?

I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but for the 1600sq ft room, I’m outlining x6 4ftx32ft tables with x8 4x4ft LED lighting footprints above each and 6 plants per light. That delivers the below specs:

-Plant Count = 288
-Light Count = 48
-Amperage used on 220v fixtures = 140A
-Lights per 20A breaker (2.9A each 220v fixture) = 5
-x2 36,000 BTU minisplits ($8,000 equipment + install)

A couple questions:

-Does anyone have a solution to warm water inline before it gets to fertigation so I can come straight out of the well without housing reservoirs in-house? I don’t think there’s a heater capable of hitting the target GPM flow required to feed 144 plants (1/2 the room at a time) with starting water temp of 43 degrees.

-Who has knowledge on reservoirs, pumps, gpm, dosatron irrigation and fertigation?

An tankless water heater. Kind of expensive, but instead of hot water heater tank, it’s a small box maybe 18” square. It will heat an endless amount of water in seconds to the exact temp you request. I’ve also been in the irrigation business for golf course and residential properties for over 25 years. Fell free to ask if ya have irrigation questions.


Thanks Nug! I will have questions once I receive these follow up equipment quotes. I’ve looking into those tankless water heaters but they seem to be maxed out with our target GPM and temp settings. Plus they need multiple 20/40A breakers to run. At least there’s an option though.

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A gas or propane tankless water heater would be more economical and would have no problem producing the warm water that you need…
The electric tankless water heater’s are useless and have flow restrictions…
They suck and are a waste of money…