Irrigation feeding options what’s the best media to use

I have a quick question maybe some on here can help so I’m going the irrigation watering which is self watering system that waters the plants every how often I set it up to do now my question is if some is doing it already

What media is best for this self watering irrigation​:question::question::question::question:

I’m currently using ocean forests soil but will switch over to coco if needed however I’m already planning on switching to coco due to wanting to see better results from my plants if anyone can help I’ll highly appreciate it thanks in advance

I’m surprised that in 5 hours no one responded. I give it a try, but it’s just me.

Coco is better for an irrigation system because it can’t get too wet and drown out your plant. It also can be fed constantly, no alternating watering and feeding.

If you were to use a irrigation system like an AutoPot you can use just about any growing medium except soil.

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Summed it up fairly well in a short way. Was gonna say the same thing. Coco will require alot more watering than ffof. If u do a irrigation system with ffof. U would have to set it to soak down once like every 3 days or so and hope thats not yoo much. With covo u can set it to spray for 30 seconds like 3 to 5 times a day amnd be golden. Not saying my spray time or amounts are roght just an example lol. Im looking at doing the same for my room right now. Ill have 12 plants and its go na be a pain to water because ill have to take out half the plant to get to the other half to water so i need to find me some half inch in and half inch out air splitters so i can make mse up some stuff to water my plants. I figure if i get 3 dividers 1 in 4 out i can have it set with water rings where i go up with my 5 gal bucket of nutes hook up the hose to the splitter turn pump on it will water 4 plants then swiych to anothe splitter get 4 more and finish with the last splitter. Now getting a splitter is the fun part. Any1 know where i can find one. Half inch in 1 inlet and half inch out 4 or 6 outlet have to be half inch or 3/8 to work with the pumps. Besides 1/4 line would take way too long to water thru lol

You can setup irrigation in any media. Will just be a matter of how often you want to run your system.