Iron? To much or not enough?

I’m guessing this is an iron deficiency, is it to much or not enough?, not sure what to do, all other plants are healthy , nice green , but with this one all new vegetation has come up yellow green then slowly darkens

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Here is one of the others with no issues


It’s normal for plant’s new growth to appear lighter, though it does look a bit like iron deficiency. Some plants will appear different than others.

What nutes are you feeding and what soil are you using? If you are feeding a decent, balanced cannabis fertilizer combination, then you shouldn’t be seeing an iron deficiency.

You may just have a twitchy plant. It happens.

She looks a lil over watered.

Definitely not over watered , the pics were taken just before lights out , they were going to sleep, I use coco in fabric root pots

I’m using coco peat mix , sunshine #4 no burn
I also add blood meal, fish bone meal and dolomite, I use advance nutrients true organic evey third feeding, I also pre soak before planting with cal mag plus iron by Humboldt and liquid karma by Bonticare, I do not use theses after planting just as a pre soak, they mostly get water pH’d at 6.0 , I do not check run off or soil ppms

I must say , the above is vegetation only
Once flowering I add liquid bone meal and feed it banana teas and advance true organics for bloom

If all things are equal, I’d chalk it up to genetics. Those are some healthy looking plants.

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Thank for the comment, they are white widows from ILGM, not exactly sure if it’s their genetics, I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and keep eye on it

Doesn’t matter where you get the seeds, sometimes a plant will just be different.

Yes we always have a problem child , just wasn’t sure how serious it is , thanks for the feed back

This is what an iron deficiency looks like. Yours just looks like it’s putting out new growth faster than the chlorophyll can fill the leaves.


Awesome … thanks

She turned for the worse , I’m kind of puzzled, I flushed it and she got even worse, it’s an auto flower entering preflowe , grew quicker than the other 3 she started with , I don’t think there’s enough time to save since they live their own life cycle out our control needless to say and unfortunately she’s getting chopped

Her 3 birth sisters … maybe that one pot is just to hot , how I’m not sure since I do a bail mix at a time but anything can become possible

Now that’s looking more like iron. That’s odd. Mine was caused by using a water conditioner to dechlorinate my water but it also removed heavy metals from the water. I discontinued use of the conditioner and hit her with a calmag foliar spray and she bounced back within a few days.

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She went to the chopping block , to far into the issue
I know someone who uses yellow water , very high in iron, it’s disgusting, this season he says to me that he’s a firm believer that cannabis can grow in any soil, my response was , that maybe true but are you going to the quality you want … well I should have known he’s not about quality he’s about yields and not to spend a dime getting it … so he’s doing a outdoor run in sand , this shit is like rusty looking sand , he’s got pines every where, he thinks the sand has nutrients because it’s where he had his chickens at one time
I don’t smoke his cannabis it leaves a metallic after taste plus his house is so old I’m pretty sure he still has led pipes
I’m an organic kind of guy I want my harvest to be a smooth smoking experience with plenty of flavor, I highly doubt sand is a cost cutting solution using high iron water , I showed him a filter he could use to get iron out … he’s a cheap ass and rather poison people
Cheers stay lit happy belated 710 , though it’s 710 every day to me …lol and thanks for your feed back , peace :v: