Iron or nothing what is the answer

My plants are low on iron. What can I add to help it that I may have around the house o. A Sunday funday.

Calmag has some chelated iron in it. If you’re not in flower you can mix it into a foliar spray. That cleared up an iron deficiency I had in just a few days. What makes you believe it’s an iron deficiency?


Epsom Salt or women multi vitamins or molasses !

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Epsom salt works wonders I put that ish on everything

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Molasses would be the better thing i would say thats just me thou or if ur doin organic u can mix water with volcanic rock dust it has a good mount of iron plus the other minerals ur plant needs

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My wife learned the hard way: her women’s vitamin does not contain iron. She has to take an iron pill with orange juice daily. Check the label. Not all multi vitamins are the same.

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Iron in vitamins is most often a Carbonyl. Plants need iron that has been oxidized (as in ferric form.) You’ll be better off using an iron product intended for plants.

Epsom contains no iron. It consists of magnesium and sulfur.

Seaweed extract is what I used but I don’t prefer others to spend , it’s hard out here even for Pimps and Republicans lmao !

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Is that ok for living soil. E salt I mean.

I would never do that anyways. But thanks. I know about e salt but I wasn’t sure about living soil and salts.

Im soaking some rusty nails, after a few days im gonna add it to the pots and see what happens. Newbi here, just trying things out :slight_smile:

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