Irma took my Plants


Irma Is mean - took all my plants - Nothing you can do when you are in direct line with the eye of the storm. Shredded my grow rooms. Then the little guys had no power for 7 days.
time to rebuild -

Hope you all are well been offline for awhile


Sorry to hear that… :frowning:


sorry to hear this @StormTrooperweed you lived to grow another day though!
good luck!


Good to hear from you. Sorry about the plants! Get some autoflowering seeds and go again!


If only it was legal to start a “Nug Relief” program for those who have lost their crops…

Sorry to hear this @StormTrooperweed, but glad you are safe…


I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m sure it was more than the plants. The most important thing is that YOU and yours survived. I’m sure you will get back and have many successful grows in the future :blush::+1::hugs:


I second @Ron330 suggestion… glad you’re ok though @StormTrooperweed. I wish you the best in you bigger and better grow room with more lights.


Sorry bro, that sucks…
Happy growing next time !


I sure hate to hear that. But I’m glad you made it thru safe. Bigger and Better grow room in your future I see… :sunglasses::v::sunglasses:


My friend, my deepest sympathies for everything you’ve lost. Thankfully we live to grow another day!