Irishlady269 Grow Journal

Just keep an eye on it, I usually do a good flush at about 5 weeks before I start my nutrition. I have seen it that high too.

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Thank you.

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I’m averaging watering them every 3 days.
There is only 2 plants in a 5x5 tent 600 led 8 in fan and filter. They are the only 2 that made it out of 35 seeds. I had a broken meter and did realize it.
I’m so glad I found this site.

Thank you @Bulldognuts


Excellent, you started a journal. I’m set to watch. Just a quick tip. When you take pics turn off grow light and take pic with natural light or just flash from camera. The grow light makes it difficult to see the beauty of your girls. It will also allow people to possibly see a issue that you may not even be aware you have. That’s exactly what happened on last journal. Someone noticed that the color of my leaves was off a little. We then figured out that I was needing to start cal-mag. :+1:


I look forward watching it grow. We can’t wait to sample it.
Question. We get seeds at Nirvana. Is there anywhere else I can trust?
Also any high thc easy to grow you can recommend?
One last question. I was thinking of going hydroponics. I think it might be cheaper in the long run.
Any suggestions is appreciated. :blush:


ILGM the company that sponsors this forum is a good source for seeds. They are very trustworthy. I’ve ordered multiple times without issues. They will replace seeds that don’t germinate.

Grand Daddy Purple is a high THC indica dominant strain. I just finished a grow of 3 of them. As a matter of fact the journal that you had ask your original question was for GDP and Green Crack.

I’m a soil guy, I’ve considered hydro but currently I’m limited by space and time. There’s many hydro growers on forum. I’m going to link a couple of journals of for hydro growers. These guys could probably help you out with questions about hydro growing. Just a heads up you can also use search feature to find just about any subject on forum just type in keywords. I also wanted to encourage you to read as many journals as possible and don’t be shy, invite people to follow your journal.


Thanks for all the information. I’m so glad I found this forum.

I’m growing 2 Bubblelicious they are 5 weeks from poped seed.
*5x5 grow tent
*3.5 cloth bags. (Love them)
*8 in fan and filter set up.
*Using 600 kingLed light ( I do have 2/600 light) didn’t know if it would be overkill if I put the both of them in there.
*Temp is on average 89 during the day and about 79 at night. I have a humidifier right outside the tent it stays between 32% and 47%. I don’t know if it would be better to put it inside the tent.
I live in south Texas and it is over 110 during the day with the heat index. I’m running a ac outside the tent so it doesn’t get to hot.
We had to move the tent out of another room. They seem to like it better now.
*I also have a med size fan in the tent to Circulate the air.
*Using FF ocean. I don’t know if i like it or should’ve cut with coco?

  • I’m watering them on an average every 3 days.
  • There is 3 white drops on the leaf. I splashed water on a leaf. I think thats the problem but I’m not sure but its in the same spot.

******Please let me know if I need anything.

Suggestions welcomed.

If there is anything I forgot. Please let me know.
This is my first Successful grow.



I forgot to add
** My lights are on at 1pm and off at 8am.

Welcome to the forum any questions you may have I will do my best to answer as well or I will try to refer you to someone who will know same as dognuts… I started off with that soil and decided to move towards Hydro because for ME there’s too much drama with soil In pots… There is so many different ways to go Hydro… You will just need to experiment and see which one is best for your needs… @ggc1962 … Has a really nice easy inexpensive way to do Hydro… It would be a good one to look at also… Most importantly have fun…

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Thank you. I will check @ggc1962 out.

As far as your lights coming on at 1 PM and going off at 8 AM you will find it easier to regulate or manage your temperature if you have your lights off between 12 PM and 6 PM… 12 PM to 6 PM is the hottest part of the day and then you add the heat from your lights it can cause problems… That is just a suggestion I had to do it on mine…

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Check out post to 225 on my journal and you can see exactly how he sets his up…

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A couple of things. I also have a King 600. Does fine for veg. Used 2 to flower one small white widow auto. I think it is like 125 watts ± so when it is time you will want to add more juice / power.
My base soil is FF OF but I amend it significantly with compost and buffered coco. Works great for me. Based on their color you can tell they like the soil and it is not lacking in nitrogen. So easy on any nutrients for a while.
ph of 5.6 is low. I take it this is your runoff number and I can’t imagine you have added any nutrients yet.
Do you have any soil left to do a soil slurry test using distilled water. Just to double check. Some forum members have mentioned using OF with unusually low ph. They use high ph water going in and add dolomite limestone to buffer and increase ph of the soil
Sometimes I get higher than expected ppm runoff numbers but I think it is because I had a small amount of runoff. Shoot for 10% runoff.
And welcome. The Bubblelicious look great. The spots are probably water drops.


Thanks for the advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was thinking of topping my Bubblelicious. This is my first time grow. Is it a good idea?


Are they autos or photos. I probably should know, I went back and looked but couldn’t find out.

They are feminized sorry.

Topping is sort of a personal choice. Some people top, some fim, some don’t do either. It definitely isn’t a bad thing to top. I will wait until they get to the 5th set of nodes and top and then start Low Stress Training. I may be stating the obvious but if you are going to top don’t wait until you start flower. Your girls look like they are big enough to go ahead and do it if you decide you want to.

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