Irishay's First Grow - Granddaddy Purple ( ILGM Seeds )

Also want to mention I only fed each one about 4.5 oz of water.

Should I be using 1gal per plant due to 5 gal containers? and should I wait on that due to transplanting and watering about 4.5-5oz of water per?

Day 15

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Id use a small watering can and water around root line. I can’t imagine you would need more than 300mls at this stage.

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Awesome, did that today prob a little less then that. Should be good to go till weekend.

Been super busy to where I haven’t been able to shoot photos in , figured it was a good time to mellow down on daily postings lol

I am thinking about buying a TS 3000 to avoid having to run 2 lights are once. Says it’ll cover my entire tent from start to finish wanted to see what you thought on that @CMichGrower since we had spoke about this lighting situation prior.

To save me from going through all the previous posts to determine tent size I’ll say that if is truly a 450 watt light (with 300 watt driver according to photo on Amazon) then it will do ok flowering a 4x4, but that’s less then 30 watt/square foot and almost borderline. Used in anything smaller then 4x4 it will be a killer flowering lamp, anything bigger then 4x4 and you probably need to add another light.

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Yeah it’s for sure a 4x4 tent. Trying to figure if I should double up like you said to obtain 600 watt total , or to buy the bigger model to get 450 watt to just run that alone, and based on what you said it seems getting the two lights will be better then the one light for the size of that tent.

A 450 watt led is kind of an oddball size. 280-350 watts are great for 3x3 and 2x4 tent, and 600 watt is perfect for a 4x4.

I went to Mars hydro web site and see in photo there that it uses two drivers which would explain how they get a 450 watt light using a 300 watt driver.

Also looked at their PPFD readings on their light and it really falls off at the edges of a 4x4 tent to where it is almost useless for flowering. A 4x4 tent would be benefit with a little more light.

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Ok I will pick up a second MARS HYDRO TSW 2000W Led now.
Thank you very much for clarifying for me.

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Sounds like a great plan