IPM for how long

So I have an ipm program that I spray my plants weekly as a preventative measure and I’m in week 2 of flower and up until when can I spray and it be safe for the plants? I have mammoth, plant therapy and nuke ‘em. I switch between the 3 so the pest don’t get accustomed to the same product. Any help is greatly appreciated

Do you have bugs? I say, I say again, Do you have bugs? If the answer is no, and your in flower then just stop. If a situation arises you can always pull out your arsenal.

Hey @Ace420Grow I would add a bug zapper to your tent/grow area and cease spraying flowers if you can. Try spraying base of plant and cover soil and pots and floor area to kill any crawlers.

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@2GreenThumbs no bugs from what I can see and I check regularly. The reason I spray is because this is my first grow and when I bought these clones I didn’t know what to look for and to my surprise infested with spider mite and since the beginning I’ve been spraying every week because these mites was a nightmare until I got rid of them.

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If no pests, stop the spray, especially if you’re in flower. inside or outside grow?

@beachglass inside grow

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Oh, and I agree fighting some myself. Have you tried the biological bugs?I’m using a brand called Arber Biological Insecticide. If they are bad your gonna have to bomb the room with any permethrin based bug bomb 3 times over 7 days.

I’m using a spray made up of captain jacks full strength with 4 ml of permethrin per quart spray bottle and only on the leaves both sides and it seems to kill the live ones. It’s the eggs that keep hatching out.

After I knocked them back real good I sprayed the entire crop with the Arber. So far it seems to keep them in check as I’m battling just a few spots now.

If you just have a couple plants the sure fire way to kill them is to dunk the entire plant but only up to early flower. Basically drown them. Good luck as they are a tough one to get rid of.

I’ve sprayed the Arber at a fine mist on 2 week flowering northern lights twice in 7 days with no burn effects whatsoever. Plants don’t seem to notice it

The mammoth is simply thyme oil which seems safe but they have warnings on the MSDS for skin and respiratory issues.

Nuke em main ingredient is citric acid, perfectly safe.

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Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice is safe up until harvest. It washes away with any other surface level residue. Oil based pesticides, neem oil and others, can be absorbed into the flowers and don’t wash away making for a harsh smoke and as mentioned already, can be a potential health hazard.


Lost coast plant therapy, Wow what a name, is food grade Sodium Citrate. Someone else will have to chime in on that one, but I believe it’s job is simply to change the surface pH where powdery mildew and grey mold can’t take hold.

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If you had spider mites, I’d be surprised if they’re gone. Their like terminators. Almost impossible to kill, and they absolutely will not stop. But, if you look under the leaves with a microscope, and don’t see any, then I’d quit spraying them.

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@Dexterado i look almost daily at top and under random leaves and also when I defoliate the leaves I cut off I look underneath those and as of right now don’t see any bugs. Thank you for the comment greatly appreciate it

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