Ion generators in my marijuana grow room


How effective is the activated carbon filter (acf) in my new air cleaner/negative ion generator compared to just a negative ion generator? Does the acf take in CO2 thereby decelerating the ripening process? Does it get rid of odor? My marijuana grow area (5’ x 5’ x 7’) is quite clean. Can I use the dust that accumulates on the acf as hash? Is potency reduced when negative ion generators are placed closer to the marijuana plants?

You’ve already noticed that the acf is screening dust out of the air. Of course, the mixture of an air cleaner and negative ion generator is going to be more effective than just one of those by themselves. The acf takes in tiny amount of CO2 and won’t hinder plant growth at all.

Solid particles in the air produce odor. These particles are airborne as a result of their lack of an electron. A negative ion generator produces electrons that then reel in the electron-deficient odor particles, dust, fungi, and bacteria in the air. When these particles are neutralized, they “precipitate,” or fall down to earth. Odor is eliminated but it is replaced by a cloudy dust on surfaces.

Although it’s possible for the grime to have a few odor molecules, there will be almost no THC to account for. It will also contain far too many unwanted dust particles, microorganisms, grease, and other pollutants. For the most part, negative ions work their magic on odor molecules in the air and not in the glands themselves. Still, some ions can work their way into the glands and destroy some of those odor molecules. Some growers have noted that plants frequently lose their odor in marijuana grow rooms that utilize negative ion generators. However, they do not lose their potency. If you want to maintain the distinctive smell, then you can place the ionizers outside the room. You may think that buds in an ionized marijuana grow room are odorless, but breaking them apart will reveal a nice aroma.



If I was growing in a closet or grow tent, I would use a Carbon filter in the closet or tent so that The smell isn’t as strong in the room outside of the closet or tent. I would then use an ion generator in the room to combat any odor that get introduced from opening the closet or tent. Using the ion generator will cause more particulate waste in your grow area that you are now sucking up into your carbon filter making it less effective. And no the residue on your filter is not worth smoking. Remember the THC is not an airborne chemical.