IntroductionTo the club


I would like to introduce myself to the rest of the club. My name is Mike and I live on the east coast of the US. I will be 59 yrs. old next Friday. I do love growing Marijuana!! It can drive me crazy at times, but I always come back for more. I have been growing for over 10 yrs. and only recently started to use fox farm and now Roberts fertilizer. I hope to make some friends and learn a lot. Take care, Mike


what up mike glad your here:v:




Hey Mike,

I’m also on the east coast in the US, so it’s cool to know I’ve got another east coast guy in here! You’ve joined an amazing little community here, and I’m glad you introduced yourself. You’ll quickly fit right in with every one else here!


hey Mike your gonna love this forum, .Every time you visit it you’ll find more knowledge ,and sometimes rethink old ideas… Welcome to ILGM…


Hey gang, thanks for all the welcomes! Glad to be here! Mike


I hope you find it as rewarding here as I am. Nice to speak with others of like passion.


Ilgm strain strawberry cush is a very impressive plant I recommend it to all that luv to grow an smoke 3 seed all germinated an doing great an out of the five different strains I have going it is the most impressive so far


I am new here too. 55 years old and 40 years veteran grower of great green. They used to call me Johnny Reefer Seed from all the herb I grew on public golf courses around South and Central FL. Now living in zero tolerance GA. Still growing, but only indoor. Built my own box that doubles as a food dehydrator. True stealth.


Welcome to Ilgm @OldStealth nice to see a fellow Georgian even if ya are a transplant. Happy growing


As a transplant, I have learned what works and what doesn’t in various areas around the US. Indoor growing is the bomb here in GA. I built my own box, first grow was OK. Next was great. WWAuto in a 24"by24" by 60" with a bathroom exhaust fan system with 4 by 150 CFLs and a led panel to light the lowers. Trial and error. Last grow netted about a half pound, cured. Great from single plant.


How are your plants doing man you will love the white widow


Hey Mike , and welcome , North East outdoor grower here, !!


The weed reminded me of the Jamaican sensimillia from the old days. Strong and long. I let them go long for the couch lock. Great sleep.


I agree 100% I pulled one with 40 to 60% Amber great for pain the other one was 80 to 100% Amber and knock your dick in the dirt able to sleep like a baby


Used to grow some really wicked weed outdoors
Cannot do it here. Indoor control is the bomb. WWAUTO is great. Might get some femme beans down the road. Got some killer bag seed for the next go round.


The last two I grew here’s a few pictures white widow


Yeah it’s like 20° here I’m ready for winter to be over with growing outside is so much better for me personally but I have really enjoyed growing indoors for the first time ever


I’ve done both. Outdoor Sativa’s make for a zippy buzz. I am more the indica fan. I’ll upload pics of the current when flower time starts.


By the way, quite impressive ladies there​:kissing_heart::sunglasses: