Introduction to hydro growing


Thanks for that @MattyBear now we at least know.


I use orca and hydroguard in my rdwc systems… works great… no slimy build up… :wink:

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Cheap and efficient


Everything I did myself for a minimum financial contribution


I have been searching for any and all info on my grow. My two young plants were started on 5/21 inside.
They look healthy & happy. I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind.
When do I begin to add nutrients! They have 1 set of leaves each and are inside resting in soil.
The second question is approximately how many sets of leaves or at what age can they be put into the hydroponic pots in the grow room ?
I’m thinking ahead and gathering all info.
I appreciate any and all help !


I tagged you on you’re original post and answered you’re question @JBC13


has anyone ever tried running a o2 concentrator instead of just a air pump ?


This guy did I guess

Thing is, you want high levels of oxygen yes, however, you can actually exceed the necessary levels of dissolved oxygen. I would have to do some research on the negative side effects of too much dissolved oxygen. @niala has a much better idea of this than I do, I got these charts from him, it shows the saturation points




ty tdub … I was thinking that it might make a plant just go off with more pure oxygen . I have worked on the machines before at a place I used to work at . that is why it came to mind !


Oxygen for your roots…
Co2 for your foliage…



thank you ! @peachfuzz


Ya … if your running any kind of hydro or dwc , you must make sure co2 doesn’t make it’s way into the water… it will change your ph like crazy and kill your roots… co2 is heavier than air… so you must be able to cap things off as to not let the co2 get to your roots… :wink:



@peachfuzz …. is it a must to use c02 in dwc or no ?


I think I will stay away from the concentrator idea . sense I know plants also like nitrogen and the concentrators take it out


Its really not necessary… only in veg will they benefit … … flower , not so much… :wink: