Introduction to hydro growing


Very good. Could you perhaps add to the tasks low cost ways to grow in hydro? @Covertgrower

@SmoknGranny pointed out to me that many of the new growers here are on a fixed income and they need to keep the startup numbers to a manageable amount.


@Covertgrower plus tips for upgrading as funds become available and priorities please. :slightly_smiling_face:


Start up expense is actually almost equal for beginner simple hydro systems with some items possibly already in your house any water tight container can be used as res. Empty yogurt cups can be converted to netpots airpump can be bought at Walmart or online ranging from $10-40 medium could be washed pebbles. I have seen bucket setups on Amazon for as little as $35 CDN and get 0.70 on the dollar so would be closer to $25 US for pump bucket stone netpot and medium that’s pretty close to same cost as soil and pots. Nutrients are a shared expense in either. Much like lighting however to get more efficient you do add to one time expense
If I were able to grow outside I would run NFT simple windmill pump with solar backup but a bit elaborate for most starting out


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@MAXHeadRoom I looked up the model number and found the exact pump you used on your first grow in the cooler. I want to know if this pump would be adequate enough to supply 18 plants. I want to take the step, but I want to purchase a large enough pump that I could expand on if I don’t fail. I will be starting just a couple at first and expanding from there. Has your pump been doing well? Should I look for a larger one? Any advice on this would be great.
How easily clogged are the nozzles? Have you had one clog? Do you recommend a certain nozzle? I’m trying for 50 micron sizes droplets also, as those are the best size for absorption.


The pumps work great. I haven’t had one problem with them at all. I have only run 8 misters off of one pump so idk the max number you could run. I run one pump per cooler. You just need to keep the water pressure at 100 psi so the misters will produce the desired droplet size. If it is to low the misters will just spray a small stream of water.

The misters I use are the brass 0.0012 inch misters, They can be found on ebay and amazon.
So with a hole half the size of a human hair, yes they will clog up. I filter the water returning to the pump and if you keep the water clean they don’t clog up that much. Have extra on hand just in case.

If you have any other questions just let me know :grinning:


@Covertgrower where you at on this? I’ve been back and forth on this a couple of times and never pulled the trigger. I was thinking about trying an aero system, but I believe would be much better off with something I could remote res.

Did anyone mention what kind of cycle time and frequency for an aero system?


@dbrn32 I never got as far as a parts list. Never ordered anything. It’s something I’ll try on a small scale first, but I really think there’s potential for faster harvests and rapid growth.
The hang up that I had was attempting to use organic nutrients in an aero system. Simple answer it won’t work, the nozzles would clog. Hydro will though. So in my mind I was conflicted to be organic but couldn’t with the aero system but wanted to. I know FF isn’t all organic, but they do have a fair amount of microbes in a lot of their products. NPK industries is a more experienced grower nutrient line where you make your own ratios, schedules, but still offer bloom and veg blend. They do offer a powder form of microbes for hydro.
I really wanted to use the fogponics fogger systems which I think is more efficient at producing a nutrient mist solution to the roots, while using less water than DWC. This is also similar to aeroponics.
Aeroponics, No one discussed timing of the sprays, the best I found was kind of reading the plant kind of thing. Some do 4 times an hour, some spray more often. This is also variable based on the plants life cycle bloom or veg.
This is what I came across, and I kind of got lost in the all of the information. I’ll still try a small scale of some version of hydro, I just can’t make up my mind which one.


Right on bro. If you’re dabbling in those powdered nutes, did you see the thread I posted about the jr Peters stuff? Seems very similar, cost is very low for what you’re getting. My understanding is that their aquagold finisher is designed specifically for use with mj. And that you can mix a little cal nitrate with it or use a different blend for veg. They have a specific hydroponic blend that you can find tons of info on use with weed. But I don’t believe it has the sulfur content.


Thanks @dbrn32 I did see the thread, but didn’t follow along closely.


Ok so I just moved my ww auto seedlings from ilgm to dwc buckets on 2/11/018. I germinated them in 4” Rockwool cubes. They poked their heads out on 2/1/018. I moved them to the buckets because I saw roots coming from the bottom of the Rockwool. I check them today and the Rockwool cubes are soaked. I’m worried about the cubes having being too wet when the seedlings are still so young. I guess my question is do I have a valid concern?


Oh and I ordered my buckets online from hydtoplanet and I accidentally ordered the 10” baskets. The big baskets required a lot of hydroton. Should I drain some of the mixture and let the cubes dry some or let it roll?


What is your nutrient level you want your nutrient fill level 1 1/2" below bottom of rockwool so nutrient solution splashes with bubbles but little else.


I followed the instructions for the dwc buckets. They recommend 4 gallons of solution. The solution was a little over the bottom of the basket so I added hydroton in the basket then I placed the Rockwool cube on the hydroton attempting to keep the Rockwool from being submerged in solution. I hope that makes sense.


@Donaldj @TDubWilly @bryan @Bogleg
When adding microbes in hydro, is it just as beneficial as adding microbes to soil? Or is it different in some way? Any additional information or personal opinions would be awesome.


You know microbes is something that I got away from and maybe should think about getting back to. This past grow I introduced a water chiller to my system and was able to hold my water temps at 65-68 for the whole grow. I never had any root issues so I never introduced anything but from my understanding they form a symbiotic relationship with the roots where they work as a team helping each other.

I’ve always used mychorriza in soil grows and have been impressed with it but I havent done anything in soil since last year.

When I was using them I was using hydroguard


I didn’t have to use them on my first two grows - this was the first grow where they have been necessary, and I also use Hydroguard. I don’t really know how you go about using microbes in soil. I do know I successfully cured two plants of root rot using it and a pair of scissors.


I use hydroguard cuz it doesn’t have a lot of crap in it to cloud the res. Seen some really murky microbes product.


Thanks for weighing in @bryan @TDubWilly and @Bogleg I purchased a powdered microbe product, and I have noticed some of you have used the hydroguard product. So I think this is essentially the same stuff. I’ll add it, and hope it works well. If I have good results I’ll let everyone know.
Anyone consider using mammoth P in hydro? Does it say you can use it? Or strictly soil? Just wondering.


You can use Mammoth P in hydro. It has a chart on the bottle for hydro and soil/coco :v: