Introduction to forum/ looking for a mentor

Hello l am MONT. I am a newbie to ILGM and the ILGM FORUM. I am now 20 days from seedling breaking ground. Wanted to share so I can get feedback on my progress and direction on the way to go in my grow.

I’m growing in a 31 x 31 x 60 tent
with 600w led.
2x 3g pots (G.S.C.E. auto and G.G. auto)
and 1x 5g pot. (G.G. auto)

My soil has the base and walls of the pots filled with a mix of 1 bag of Fox Farm ocean floor and 5 hand fulls of topsoil.
The center of the pots are filled with a mix of mericle grow seed starter and coconut coir.
Then I scattered a then layer of coconut coir cross the top.
Moistened them with OR water p.h.ed to 5.8.
All pot soils came out with a ph of 7 in the center and next to the wall and near the top and at the bottom.

My temp stay between 21 - 24°C humidity 60 - 74% rh. Lights are 18 inches from soil 14 from tops.
I continued my watering shifting my ph up and down between 5.8 - 6.1

I L.S.T.ed them on day 18.
Took off the L.S.T. top restraint on day 19 so the top could turn back to the light.

First feedings on day 20.
6 tsp. of big bloom 2 tsp. of big grow
1 tsp. of whollymackeral 1 tsp. Cal-Mag.
1 g. Decloranated water.
All ph ed to 5.
Please feel free to give comments and leave suggestions they are more than welcome happy growing.



First thought is easy does it with the FF nutrients. If the miracle grow seed starter mix has time release nutrients in it you have no idea how much the plants are taking in. You shouldn’t have any problems using big bloom. It is a little worm and bat poo. Big grow is pretty potent and you can burn up your small plants in a hurry. Also, Ocean Forest has a fair amount of nutrients in it but it is hard telling where it is at with the topsoil mixed in. Keep an eye on the leaves. If they start looking glossy or tips turn color you may need to take some corrective actions.
The plants look good as does the LST. Good luck.
Until you get comfortable with the plants and feeding them, I would recommend using using FF OF out of the bag for the bottom 2/3 and use Happy Frog in the top third. HF is easier on transplants / young seedling and you know what the plant is taking in. i have no problem using miracle grow, you just have to be aware of what is in it and modify feed routine for it.


Welcome to the community ! off to a good start I would ride the ocean Forest right now. Plants Nice and green later when you water to run off check PPM an pick up some feeding. Good luck


You seem to know far more than i do about soil. ( I thought the super soil mix was meant to feed to harvest with just water lol )

Im doing a Girl scout cookies x Jack Herer (photo period In Hydro 7x7 SCROG)
And The Gorilla Glue #4 Autos (In soil 5 GAL Roots Organics “Greenfields”)
I thought it was neat we are doing strains so close to the same.

I just started feeding mine and im trying to figure it out so ill be watching this.

Good Luck and hit me up if your interested in comparing Notes



Welcome to the forum.

For starters…in soil you want the ph to be between 6.3 to 6.8…6.5 is the sweet spot. I wouldnt feed the plants any more nutrients just yet. The Ocean Forest soil has plenty of nutrients in it to feed the plants for several weeks. Next time I would leave the coco out of the equation. It’s not gonna hurt anything but it doesnt help either as it’s an inert medium.
Since your using R/O water, I would continue to add the cal/mag in for stability purposes. You cannot control ph in plain R/O water because its stripped of all its elements. So to give it conductivity the calcium and magnesium will help you ph it properly before giving your plants the water.
To know when it’s time to start feeding, your going to catch the water coming out the bottom of the pots and measure the ppm’s with a TDS meter(10 bucks on amazon). To give an example…the runoff ppm’s that come out of new ocean forest soil is generally anywhere from 1500 to 2000 or more. You want to let the plant eat that up before giving it nutrients or you will overfeed and cause issues. So I wouldnt feed until your ppm numbers are sitting around 500 to 700.

Plenty of people are here to help out. Just tag us and we’ll help with anything you need


Thanks for a look at your grow things look great what have to keep in touch with you because of the similar strains Also my other picture brain a bit about what your doing over there.

Big thanks to you for the soil Info I was kind of leery of watering to run off so early But I guess I can start doing so in order to Check the PPM in the soil I have some fast acting sulphur I was wondering if I should use that to bring the soil ph down or wait till they are older

Have two question. First is it good to trim my plants out like this? I had people tell me to stop. Second; What week should I expect my Gorilla Glue Auto to go into flower? I know to look for the signs but around what week should I expect these signs to show themselves? I’m on day 34 which is day 6 of week 5.

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It’s good for you to try different thing, so if clipping some leaves off or lst is what your into go for it. See what works best for you!

Nice setup!

They look like this most likely because I don’t have a thing. Lol This is my first grow. So i guess all the training and cutting I used as a reason to mess with plants and comes from being super excited an anxious to grow. lm learning a few things as I go, some things to late. I’m sure my next go will look a lot different. Hopefully I’ll be more settled in with a higher IQ for this. What’s your preferred method for autos? I’m open to all ideas. So far YouTube has been my only other source for info.

That a king 600w?

I’ll be honest, I suck at autos your first ones look much better than mine.

I’ll grow a photo like a sob tho( given enough viable candidates)

@repins12 @Nicky and many others have great success with autos…I’ll just burn thru seeds


There is a 1000w dimmable hanging higher right next to it. It’s funny auto are suppose to be easy but experienced growers I’ve chatted with say it sucks trying to growing them. Haven’t done photos yet but seem to be more user friendly or forgiving.

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Once you have a few great producers for photos you just keep them, and make clones.

Your not going from seed anymore, all my plants are well rooted. I’ve recently tried growing from seed again and those plants look like ish

If I need 4 plants I might as well germinate 12 seeds :wink:

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@peachfuzz heres how the lines run current then each pot ties into it. Couldn’t make circles all the same size so I didn’t add them :laughing:

You need one big loop…
Than tee off to each plant from loop…
I’ve been doing plumbing for 20 years…
Its basically like setting up a body spray system…
Everything needs equal pressure and valum…
Because your system is gravity fed , I think its even more important then a pressurized system, like mine…
Your diagram is crazy and makes me think you might be a stoner… :grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::laughing::rofl::joy::+1:
And I’m a stoner and I thought mine was bad…:wink: