Introduction and some questions

I’m new here. I have been scouring these forums nightly for info. This place is definitely a gold mine, so thank you for that. I hope I am posting this in the appropriate place.
I’m new to growing and have some questions on a couple different topics. I figured I would post my first questions here pertaining to some clones that I have. I have 2 clones that were given to me by a third party (not the person who did the cloning). I have pretty much zero information about these girls. One is marked “A” and the other is “W”. I don’t know if one or either is Autoflower… basically zero info.
I have had them about 3 weeks now. I assume they were living under lights before I received them. “W” was about a foot tall, Big green 5 fingered leaves. and A was approximately 6-8 inches tall with smaller leaves and yellower leaves.
I have moved them into 5 gallon smart pots with Coast of Maine platinum soil. They get water pretty much every morning with the occasional dry out day. They are growing, albeit strangely. W is growing fast and strong, having gained a foot of height and much new growth.this plant has something eating holes in the leaves as well. I haven’t seen a caterpillar but I killed a small white bug under a leaf that had holes. the new growth is single and three finger leaves.Also it does have the little white hairs showing like preflower.
Now, A is still very short .I noticed the root ball looked super small when I moved it to the 5 gallon smartpot. it has new growth but everything is tiny compared to W. The leaves are not even close to the same size, maybe 1/3 the size, it’s still yellowish as well. This plant also has new 1 and 3 finger / odd leaves. there is no bug damage on this one, and no pistils yet.
So, I assume these things are re-vegging? does that even make sense being that they are so small?
What should I expect and what can I do to ensure at least some results? They will be outside for the duration.
I am planning an indoor grow starting this fall, and I will be asking advice on getting that set up in a separate thread.
Thank you in advance!

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I would assume neither is an auto, they’re not really conducive for cloning. Unless someone is playing a dirty trick i would guess both are female photo period plants.

Get some spinosad and bt coming for the bugs and hit up @Budbrother for rotation on using both. With any luck you can zap them prior to flowering.

I would assume they are in veg if you don’t see flowers, maybe they have always been in veg? Differences could be a lot of things, maybe just some transplant shock. But good chance smaller root ball was just getting little more water than it needed and roots didn’t have a reason to expand. Small root ball could be reason for yellow leaves too. Hard to say for sure.

I think it’s reasonably to expect something, but who knows what. They still have a long way to go if not flowering yet. Anything could happen. Welcome to the forum!


It’s simple, just rotate Spinosad or BT every 3 days. Mix as directed by brand, usually 2-4 tsp a gal and a couple drops of soap then mist plants. Get tops and bottoms of leaves.

@SmoknGranny is the only one that I know that has dealt with white flies. I sent her a bottle of Azamax and that was that.


Thank you very much for responding, truly appreciated!! Please forgive my ignorance. What is BT?

Thank you dbrn!
Should I be concerned that all new growth is one and three finger leaves? definitely no flowers yet but I do see the tiny white hairs in the calyx’s of W.

If you have calyx they are or were flowering. Do you have some pictures?

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I will take some tomorrow!!

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Update. I just sprayed the plant with insect damage. 1/2 tbsp of spinosad to 16 oz water and a drop of dish soap. I sprayed tops and bottoms of all the foliage. I also took some photos, I hope this works:
Both babies. W on the left, A is the runt.


W’s sex, is she in preflower? Notice the single and three fingered leaves on new growth.
image another image

And here is A. Everything about this plant is SMALL.
The leaves toward the bottom are yellowed and burnt at the ends. The new growth toward the top is green but also single and three fingered. image image

Again, they are both in coastal Maine platinum blend soul and 5g smart pots. I have not given them any nutes. In fact the spinosad is the first thing I have done beyond transplanting and watering. The soil tests at 6.5 with one of those $15 probes. I haven’t PH’d the water yet. That tool is on the way from Amazon. I have a big Clean trash barrel with hose and rain water in it. I just scoop the water from there and water the sides of the pots every morning with the occasional dry day.
No idea why the photos are upside down, lol.

ok, so these things are definitely flowering. the bigger one has a bunch of bud sites forming. This is also the one with the bug damage. I started using the captain jack’s spinosad. It says to only mix enough for one use. Does it lose it’s efficacy that fast? I’m only spraying one plant so? I mixed up 16oz. and used about 1 oz. do I need to toss it and remix new in a couple days @Budbrother ? Also, should I remove all the damaged growth?
Also the smaller one is showing budsites too. This thing is small, small… I would like to see it grow bigger before flower. Do you think I will ruin it if I put it under a light after sunset for a few extra hours?


Spinosad breaks down in the water within 24 hrs.

I’d leave the leaves for now. You don’t have many.

Yes, you can extend the light period. What you wanna do is called gaslighting cannabis, and info is easy to search.


thank you, I’m doing my homework now!

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I am still seeing insect damage. I just gave them their third round of Spinosad. Hopefully that will eradicate the issue. It looks like the flowering phase is underway on this one. It has been sitting in a 5 gal bag of Coast of Maine stonington blend soil for 3 weeks now. it’s a “super soil” and is supposed to go the distance in a 15 gal pot. The plant has exploded since the transplant. How should I proceed? Is it time for flowering nutes? Should I even use flowering nutes? I don’t have a ppm meter yet (suggestions welcome). I did just get an Apera PH60 meter. My tap water is high, very high around 8. I had been watering them with this until I got my meter. I have been PHing my water to 6.0-6.5 with vinegar since. Today’s watering was 6.3 with a run off around 7.0. slowly working this down to a better range.

Hey @bazoo. You are in flower now! I am growing one plant in Coast of Maine Organic Potting Mix. Not only do my tomatoes, basil, zucchini, and lettuce love this soil, the one plant in it is doing better than the two in the “Pot 4 Pot” set up! Granted, I have given nutes to the C.O.M. mix and not to the P4P set up.

Don’t know how this soil compares to the Stonington Mix, but I started giving nutes and Cal-Mag once into flowering stage. I would feed twice and only water once. The girl seemed to respond well. I’m on the home stretch and hoping a week or so remaining.

Maybe start with 1/4 strength nutes and see how she responds.

Happy growing!

Thanks @PP3121. I went with the stonington after reading a bunch of reviews. It is readily available to me and I have read and seen nothing but positive feedback. What nutes are you using?

Since I am still new, I had purchased the Botanicare group: Cal-Mag, Pure Blend Pro Grow, and Pure Blend Pro Bloom before I had really started learning here. Also, most growers using soil here use Foxfarm soil. Therefore, they use their nutrient pack. There are some nutrients that are very expensive, and I think that is why I chose Botanicare; small budget.

Hey, how did it turn out? have you harvested the plants in COM?

Hey @bazoo. I’m almost there! Checked today and see many cloudy trichomes for the first time! Hadn’t check in several days and the change has been great! I even see a couple amber ones here and there.

I’m going to cut them this week, probably on the the day they hit 12 weeks of flowering! A birthday of sorts! :tada:

I’ll update more tomorrow.

Thanks for reaching out. :call_me_hand:t3:

How is your grow going? I have been very happy with the COM soil. Do you find that it dries quickly? Of course our growing conditions will vary. I found that I have to water slowly because it passes through too quickly. Other than that, I am going to use it again if I can get some from my local farm.

@PP3121 You must be pumped to be so close to the finish line. My 2 girls are doing well. One is in the third week of flowering and it grew like crazy throughout since being in COM. The other which started as a runt is growing. I have been supplementing light at night to keep it vegging. She’s growing but staying a runt if that makes sense. She just has small features, stems, leaves etc. I can’t figure out why. I’m more just using her as test for myself to see what I can do getting her to grow. The other girl should be just fine provided I don’t run into issues later in flower. I am watering them both every 2-3 days. The bigger one definitely uses more. Her pot is always much lighter. I love the fabric pots. I can actually see the moisture. If the bottom half looks wet or feels saturated, I hold off.
I really have nothing to compare the soil to being this is my first attempt. Have you added any nutes?
I am gearing up for an indoor grow and torn between using the COM or FFOF. I think the COM is more nutrient dense, but everyone here uses the FFOF and would be able to diagnose any problems I might have easier… IDK, thinking aloud man. I’m glad your grow is on track

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@bazoo. While we are using the soil company, I am not using the Stonington blend soil; I am using the organic blend which has no additional nutrients like that one. Therefore, I did add grow nutrients and Cal/Mag during veg and then switched to Bloom Plus & Cal/Mag once flowering began.

I think with the wealth of knowledge here using the FF soil set-up, you would get much more help. Also, they make their own nutrients and provide a schedule with targets; might be something that makes the grow easier since one less thing to think about.

Sounds like your grow is going well. If she looks like the pics from before, your doing what you need to do. Funny, I am growing a runt of my own! :smile: I had so many issues when I first began - two seedlings died. Instead of throwing them away, I put them in my house plant pot. Wouldn’t you know in a week, the two dead seedlings began to grow again. I dug them out and put them in the same pot - one died again and the other kept growing. It is small, has had issues, but it has a few buds on it. This is about 3-4 weeks behind the Blueberry. I’m curious to see how she comes out!

I can see some amber trichomes, mostly on the sugar leaves, but getting very close.

Continued success!

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bahaha… this stuff is tough as a weed!! great story