Introducing my self

Hello people I am a young man from the US I wanted to introduce my self I am currently an affiliate of a LED company and have been growing all types of plants for the last 10 years and love Canabis . I am a respected member of a online high grade consultants page online and am trying to further my career in consultation and growing and working in the Canabis fields . I Kno about cloning , propagation , low stress training , high stress training , water testing and purifying , etc . I will be starting a new journal and moving forward with dream of working in this industry


Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the forum!

I drafted a reply, thought better of it and hit cancel
10 years?


Welcome to the community @Pottsies

Welcome and best of luck in your endeavors

Welcome and good luck

These are se of the pics and strains from 2019 to 2020
Currently had to shut things down but will be running some different strains very soon

peyote kritical


2019 peyote kritical
Sour og cheese


Looks like you know what your doing welcome !

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Thank you and always striving for better and new things hope I can afford with these trying times

Yeah man

10 years not consecutive and not jus Canabis use to work in the horticulture scene where I live and landscaping but I enjoy all plants

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