Introducing HID to LED grown plants

Hello fellow Growers. I got another yield lab 1000 watt double ended fixture today. I’ve got three of them working on the other plants but I’ve got three plants that have been grown under LED. I put the light as high as I can get it, off to the side, dimmed down to 500 watts. Does it look like im doing this correctly?


As long as it’s not burning the plants or driving the heat up too much it should be fine, but personally, I would tilt the reflector towards the plants, it’s a waste to send half the light towards the wall, even if the wall will reflect some back…

I was planning on slowly bringing the light over the top of the plants maybe taking a week or so to do it. But when I got up on a chair to work on the lights I realized that top of one of my plants is bleached all over the tallest tops.

look at this mess. So I raised the LEDs. Which I know nothing about and purchase second hand with no operators manual. So I shut them off and don’t know what to do at this point hardly

I’m actually seeing some yellowing in most of my plants up on the canopy. I turned my lights down to 750 watts instead of 1,000. Do plants need less light when they’re putting then they do when they’re growing? I’m getting a little confused. That doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I know these high pressure sodium bulbs are capable of 159,000 lumens. I’m just wondering if it’s too much. And I’m sure I had the LEDs too close to that one plant. It’s really hurt.