Into Flowering now and some of my plants are getting too tall!

I grow in South Africa (26° South) and the plants are doing great.
This is my first grow and clearly I have underestimate the potential of these plants. First of all I planted too close together. Up to now I stuck them in the ground and gave them water (from the spring). Did a bit of trimming off the bottom of the plants, but that’s it.
I have 2x Green Crack CBD, 2x Hash Plant CBD, 1x OG Kush and 2xBag Seed (looks Sativa by it’s stretch). They were all planted at the same time. The OGK started flowering first and remained the smallest (shortest) of them all. Now that the rest is also into flower (about 2 weeks in) my GC CBD and the Bag Seed plants are up against the net I have over them as protection against hail storms. The picture below was taken 7 Feb. I will take new pics tomorrow to show the difference.
What do I do to solve the height problem?!!


Very nice. Since they are already flowering I would not attempt topping. You could gently Pull them over and tie down. If the stretch is over, they probably not going to get no taller.

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I second this, only thing to add, would be to super crop the top. Gently, as they can harden off so be gentle.

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Y’all still with the water shortages in South Africa? I had never heard of Load Shedding till zi volunteer at the VMF outside Tzaneen. Like a 30 min drive.

Outdoor plants can get huge. A buddy of mine gets 4 meter tall plants here in South Texas.

i would remove the top screen if you can and let them rip… outdoor untrained will turn into trees almost… if thats not an option i agree tie it off loosely towards the top area and start to gradually bend it over and tie it off a little at a time… in flower dont try to do it all at once…

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South Africa legalized marijuana. I don’t know about growing. I didn’t try what they called Bush Weed as I didn’t want to get kick off the VMF property. One kid did…when you sign the waiver, you are giving them permission to drug test you at any time. Including a search of your cabin and possessions.

I did get to smell Bush Weed and it did smell good.


Here are pics of my ladies I took this morning.
I noticed black “beetles” (see 3rd pic - sorry not in focus) on some of the flowers. Should I be concerned?

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i can’t tell what they are from the pics but i wouldnt want them hanging around my stuff unless they were helping protect them… have you noticed anything being eaten or chewed on ?

Thanks. No, I cant see anything wrong with the flowers. And I only see these guys on the flowers.
I’ll try and get a decent pic today.

sure hope they dont cause any issues… i would be doing some reasearch on what they are and react accordingly…

Here is some new pics. In the last 2 weeks my girls have been doing great!
The weather unfortunately has been all but good. Cold ,winter-like, rainy conditions, instead of our normal “hottest month” of the year!!! I’m not feeding anything, just water every so often. Any comments, tips!!!

Sorry. Problems uploading the pics.