Interpritating the trichomes and pistils

I know they are still a week or 2 out … Going by the " Harvest date " would be in another 10 days … give or take … This is my 2nd grow and the first grow , I waited toooo late to harvest … I know the trichomes need to have 70% brown in them … I was told if you go lower , its a energy high , if you wait a bit more , its a couch potato high , ( I need a couch high to help relax my back ) So this is todays cola pictures … I read the pistils also need to curl in … So for a couch buzz , 70% brown and most of the pistils curling in ??? The pics are a bit shakey cause its hard to hold the scope, focus and click the mouse … Can I get some input on my progression … They look 90% milky in my book … LSD Fem. Indoor … FF soil and nutes … 750w HPS/MH
Snap_001 Snap_002 Snap_003 Snap_004 Snap_006 Snap_005

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Your getting there they look great I would say in 3-4 weeks you will be harvesting great job


I appreciate that … The question is : How by looking at the tri’s and pictures , are you getting yer harvest date ??? What are you looking at to come to yer conclusion bud … I want to learn

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@bluethumb i’m going off of your pistols that are all white still and I’ve been growing for 25 years so just a guesstimation I never go off of what it says when you buy the seeds it says eight weeks 10 weeks 12 weeks those are never usually very accurate but I normally will go by two different things what you see through your Jewelers loop and then I also go off of the pistols you Kinda have to use both and make sure you’re looking at the bud and not the leaves because they will change way faster than the bud well if that makes any sense but I come to my conclusion is just from the time I’ve spent growing I’m not sure how much that’s going to help you but that’s what I do


Like so

these are 10 weeks in flower all my tric are 100% milky and 10-20% amber but foxtails like crazy so in the next week I will be chopping her down it’s all with time



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I agree. Wouldn’t even bother checking trichs until you see pistils start receding. Then you’re looking for cloudy to amber trichs on the buds. My preference is mostly cloudy with small amount of amber, but that varies to individual.


@Hogmaster , @dbrn32 , ( Newb still ) Guessing "foxtail are the pistils curling… So you watch the main cola hairs before looking at the tris’ to make your decision … ?? “” When , lets say 80% tails are curling , look at the tri’s and fine tune the harvest … Light amber is energy stoned , darker is a couch buzz … ???



the red circles you see the pistols turning orange that’s what your looking for the yellow circles see how there still white you want them to turn orange does that make sense?



Good or Bad? Bad! This type of foxtailing is a sign that your buds are getting too much light and/or too much heat! These odd spires can also be accompanied by light bleaching and cooked leaves. Any one of these signs is a message that your lights need to be backed off immediatel

y to halt any further damage. Although light bleaching and burned leaves are obviously damaged, foxtails don’t look damaged so much as they just look weird, so they don’t register as a threat to new growers. Unfortunately, they’re the harbingers of heat damage which means lost potency; if you see this type of foxtails on your buds, you’ve likely already lost potency to heat and now the mission is to lose as little as you possibly can


Luckily, this type of foxtailing is usually localized, so you’ll only see it in spots where light intensity is super-high. This usually means they’ll be found in a small circle directly under the light, but that small circle gets larger as the light gets closer.

Now with all that being said, plants are weird! It’s totally possible that many of you growers have already seen a plant that makes the ‘bad’ looking foxtails but all over the plant. Or maybe a plant that only grows in spires! The point is that there is bound to be plants that break these rules, but at least until then you’ll know what you’re dealing with. Good luck and happy growing!


Mine are white … , There are some red … but not many … Stupid question … I want to harvest when Its a couch buzz … Whats the % of the hairs turning orange … before looking at the tri’s ???

So mine are bad ?? These are 2 different plants … 6 days apart…

You can start checking it anytime but if you want couch lock I would order a jewelers loop 60 to 100 times zoom and you want at least 30 to 50% Amber on your tricombs


No, those are good foxtails. It’s not about the pistils turning Amber it’s about the trichomes turning amber. The pistils are an indicator of when to check trichomes.