Internodal Spacing and LED Height


Plant - ILGM OG Kush Auto
Time frame - Week 6 from seed

High all!

I’d love to hear some advice on how high above my canopy I should hang my two inexpensive LED blurples during the current phase of my plant’s life. Here is the information for my lights. They’re currently hanging 18" above the canopy.

Manufacturer: Yehsence
Power Draw: 180w from wall

This chart claims the following information:

Here are some pictures from this morning of my plant. I’d love to hear what people think about the internodal spacing and whether or not I should lower my lights from the current 18" to something lower.

If anyone sees anything off then please let me know! The plant seems to be loving life, but this is my very first grow and so I really haven’t had enough experience yet to recognize various problems.


Looks good in my opinion. Keep doing what you are doing

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Looking good!

@Fool1977, looks great man, I hope you start a journal so we can follow along!

Here is mine.

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Looks all good to me.

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Hey guys, thanks for the input. This morning I opened my tent, and my goodness I couldn’t believe how fast the upward growth was. I fed it yesterday morning (4/14), and it’s grown 2" in 24 hrs. The leaves were starting to canoe–I think from the proximity to the light. I raised it back to 18" but every 24 to 48 hrs the plant wants to close that distance to 16".


She looks very happy good luck

You will be retreating from your plant until the stretch is over. Part of the equation with light height is horizontal coverage. In other words; if the light is close the footprint is small. Conversely; far away you have better horizontal coverage but your photon density falls off. You will find the sweet spot for your plant and do fine.

Although you may have inadequate light for dense flower.

I have two of these burples side by side over a single plant, so I’m hoping it’ll be adequate for good solid colas, but only time will tell.

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How do they look now @Fool1977