Interior color of growbox with LED lights

what color should the inside of the grow box be. Some say ...reflective (tinfoil) some say...white paint. I am using LED lights that are blue, orange, ect. Very little white. Out of 500 only around 40 are white. Lamp advertized as growlight.


Mylar and Panda plastic are the best materials to add to a wall. If you don’t want to spring for these highly reflective materials, then use flat white paint. If memory severs; It is 10-20 % more reflective than tin foil. Less hassle and easy to clean. Good Luck.

Perhaps you could post your efforts in our grow journal section.


Flat white paint is pretty much as reflective as mylar. Tinfoil is not really that good for light reflection. When using HID lights, flat white paint is better as very smooth shiny reflective surfaces could kinda act like a magnifying glass and you’ll get hot spots and light burn on your plants.


I am now ready to get started. I would like your point of view on my box…
It is 4’tall x 4’ wide x 2’ deep.
I am proud of it. But if you have any helpfull advice, my ears are open.
Thanks for the whitewidow seeds (indoor).

I hope my pics got thru…


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