Interesting scenario I'd like your opinion on

Evening people,
Finished drying my herb and after only 5 days of RH 55 at 72°, I jarred them and the RH level was only 59-60-61. This years Girl Scout Cookies had very airy buds so even while the twigs themselves were still bending, the buds dried out more than I had hoped. After shutting off the dehumidifier and A/C, the humidity in their room is as high as 67.
Question: Should I use humidity packs in a closed mason jar or should I just leave the jar open exposing its contents to the room’s humidity? Maybe the latter would have more of a chance of detrimental issues.
Feel free to chime in…it’s appreciated,

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I’m a new grower and I have the same questions so I will follow along to learn. @MrPeat @MeEasy @oldmarine can y’all shed some light on this issue?

Thanks in advance. :blush:

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Nothing wrong with this. This is the curing zone RH.

TY Bobby,
I was under the impression that it should be jarred around 70 and brought down gradually to RH62.
Be well…el

I treat my marijuana plants as I do my cigars. I shoot between 55% to 62%. And I never have burn issues with both.

The higher the RH%, the more problems you will have. You can see it in cigars. When the outside temps hit 70+ degrees and RH 70% and higher, cigars can start growing mold.

Tobacco has its own drying and curing process like with marijuana. As both are plant material, you are prone for mold when you start increasing temps with high humidity.

I will give you an example. I had a bunch of seeds in the original packaging. At least 30 Super Critical Bud CBD. Due to high temps and high humidity they actually grew tap roots. Yes, you read that correctly.

I learned to never do that again. I never thought it was possible. Now you can learn from my mistake.

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No…that’s asking for mold. You want to jar at 58-62%

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Put buds in Tupperware bowl with hydrometer toss like a salad air out and then cover till it holds 58-62 for a few days, then mason jars or grove bags

I let my bud dry for at least 10 days and shoot for 14. I also cure for at least 3 weeks and shoot for 3 months.