Intake and exhaust

Do you run your intake and exhaust fans 24 hrs a day ?

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I run exhaust 24/7 with small fans on.

Circulating Fan always. Exhaust fan only when the lights are on.

Fans are on 24/7. Exhaust is connected to a thermostat.

I run all except light 24/7

I have an incoming outside air vent so my baby’s can breath all nite + pot smell doesn’t take time off to sleep ,air needs to be flited 24/7

I do not run the 6" EF during the day when the lights are on. I open up my windows and get a good cross draft through the room and unzip the 4x8x7 tent. I have the oscillating fan running 24/7. My exhaust only runs at night when I zip the tent up.

Thanks for the help all , I came up with an idea. If I run the intake fan ( 4 inch ) and the exhaust ( 6 inch ) both have filters, on a thermostat set at 77 degrees , then both would shut off when the temps in the tent reach 77 degrees. I still have circulating fans that shut off when lights go off. Thanks again.