Insight on how to achieve the best VPD with ac infinity multi flow control

Anyone like to touch base on this here topic? Looking for the best settings to incorporate into my ac infinity controller…

High temp
Low temp
High humidity
Low humidity

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Mine just keeps running when I set it up with all those

80 high
50 low
65% high
50% low


I turned my humidity high and low off as it wasn’t needed. Just my 2 cents

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Seems most of those settings are pretty useless. I just use the manual mode and set the speed of the fan that keeps the tent at the right temps. The tents are in my bedroom so I turn down the fan speed after the lights turn off, biggest worry was forgetting to crank them back up in the morning when the lights come back on. So the only feature I find useful is the alarm high temp - I have set that to 83F, a temp it would never reach unless I forget to adjust speed up, it it reaches that temp, it cranks the fan up to bring the temp lower.

On controlling humidity, best to get the room the tent is in at the proper humidity and your tent will be at proper humidity as well. Though I don’t worry about VPD much, living in the desert with really low humidity and not willing to have my bedroom at any higher than 50ish RH, plants still grow great.


Thanks for the wisdom!!! SIR, @HELLRAISER

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