Insight needed pls

Ok so i need some input and in order for me to get what i need you all need to know my situation sorry but im detailed.
Seed went in soil sept 9th tap root was just popping out. Soil mix don’t rip me until you read pls. MG but i added 25% more perlite took a sheet and a baby pool because i know that soil is hot so I flushed mix in the pool and let dry 2×’s. I was using 400w mh and (3) 65w grow bulbs from home depot. No nutes because mg is loaded. She got real bushy real fast topped her at week 3 used top for clone. Did some lst week 4 broke a branch (now #2 clone). Week 5 tied down more and broke another one (#3 clone) mind you im make-shifting everything so far. So here we are end sept beginning Oct power went out for 2 days panel popped didn’t know restored power here it is beginning November she started really popping switched to 1000w led plus 2 blue and 1 red grow bulb. Meanwhile rh was steady 60-65 and temps between 68 and 78. I have the cheap 3 way soil meter ph was between 6 and 7 now this week ph between 7-8. It was hard to keep steady temp no tent at this point yet. now all of the sudden last week she started brown edges and leathery looking leaves here and there not all over should i feed now because up til now i was only using water. I have a tds but not sure what im looking at. The .5 , .7 , and that weird looks like μ sort of. Anyway here’s some pics will update with new pics the last one i took was 2 weeks ago from begining to 2 weeks ago!


How many plants are in that pot? You really need to keep it to one plant per pot. It looks like 3 plants. You will have problems if this is the case.

Nope just 1 but lst i did the iron cross to them. Topped it left the first two full leaf nodes cut off the two 3 finger branches. Tied down the 4 branches to where it looks like a iron cross. Then all those lower stems grew to same canopy height i will up load a pic later when i get home but the canopy is all same height now and bushy again. Im just having that brown edge issue

Thanks for clarifying that. It just looked like 3 and plants in 1 pot. Looking good…:+1::+1::+1:

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One of the biggest issues with mg soil is that you can’t easily flush it. Every time you add water, more nutrients are released.
Growing in mg soil is more likely to cause nute burn, lockout and or pH issues.

FWIW the cheap prong meters are pretty useless for accurately gauging pH.

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Looking good to me. If your leaves start showing more of the same issues let us know but I’m not seeing anything to be concerned about at the moment.

Not sure if you do but you don’t want to leave the soil meter in the soil for more than an hour or so at a time and after removing wipe it off with cloth and then use the green scratch pad to clean the probes lightly after use and even before the next use otherwise the probe can be ruined. Those aren’t very accurate unless your soil moisture is in the middle range. Too dry and will read high and too wet and will read low PH. Some call them junk soil meters but I use them and have the one your using and compared it to 2 other higher $ soil meters and they are all pretty close in readings at the same depth.
Your soil PH will change based on how moist it is. You’ll see what I mean when you check at say 3”, 6” and then deepest those probes go. Deeper you go usually more moisture and will read lower PH.
I will see 6.7 at 3” 6.5 at 6” and 6.2 at 9” deep with the moisture reading increasing the deeper I go. They won’t work well again if it’s too dry (under 2-3 on meter) or if right after watering the meter moisture is pegged out wettest at 9-10 or max.
What feeding will you be using when needed? As of now I don’t see them asking for anything but when they do what are your nutrients you’ll be using?

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I am slowly building my area and equipment up. Just got 3×5 split tent i have some cheapo lighting upgrading to either ts2000 or nextlight core series.

And as for food i was going to use fox farms and every other water 1 tbsp molasses in a gal of baby water. By the way thats what i use the baby water for waterings

I’m not familiar with the baby water you’re using, but I’m pretty sure they add things like fluoride and other minerals to it. If you’re going to spend money on bottled water just get distilled. It’ll probably be cheaper too. That way there’s nothing in it and you won’t have to worry about interactions with the plant.

Once again, the miracle grow is full of fertilizers (good and bad), I’d be really careful adding nutes. If you feel you must, then use only 1/4 the recommended amount. Be sure to test the pH just before feeding, and test the runoff pH as well (you should get a decent pH meter, they’re available from $20- ++++).

Molasses is typically used during flower. It helps feed the microbe colonies which in turn helps keep the plants healthy. I’ll venture to say if you’re using mg soil and fox farms nutes you have no active colonies.

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Thanks for that i was going to put in a 10gal pot this week and flip the schedule to 12/12 right now its still 18/6. I was going to mix a big bag of happy frog and oceans forest with a 10 lb bag of perlite. Do you think that would hurt it ? Because i was getting ready to pop 3 more. I want to keep a steady cyle so the next 3 are different i have 2 fem and 1 auto. I figure that the auto will be done right when im about to flip the other 2.

So I’ll weigh in with a couple of thoughts: (you’ve gotten great advice so far)

Do your plants look good? If so; why change anything? Nutrients are more to supplement depleted soil and not what you are currently growing in. (my first grow was in MG as well and got a good yield)

The main issues with MG soil are: residual salts will drive the PH way down in flower causing multiple nutrient lockouts. You will have to manage accordingly (maybe a top dress of dolomite lime?)

Issue 2 is those same salts will adversely affect the quality of the finished flower. Anything you can do to reduce the salts late in flower would be beneficial to your lungs and throat haha.

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I checked the ph down by roots sits between 7-8 on this 3 way. Heres some pics i took last night

I don’t trust those even a little bit. Buy a decent PH meter because that is the single most important thing you can do after proper lighting. When the plant is healthy and vigorous now, you won’t see much in issues but you have to remember that once the plant goes into flower it’s immune system deteriorates pretty rapidly and is unable to stave off disease caused by nutrient lockouts due to PH. Yields and quality will suffer.