Inside the same as outside

Y is the complete black out so important when growing inside and when growing out side you have the moon and stars

I have wondered that myself so I did some “light” research…Haha…an unintentional pun there.
The most logical answer I can find is that the sun is so intense in brightness that compared to full moonlight it is still 400,000 time brighter than the moon.
Compared to your tent artificial light, which may be able to mimic the color spectrum but never the intensity of the sun. So light leaks can seem to the plant as more intense than moonlight is to an outdoor plant. Our eyes and brain adjust to the difference and we dont realize its so vast a difference.
Some individual plants will tolerate some light leakage better than others. The course of wisdom is to try to prevent it tho.


Oh ya I had 5 plants last year that grow bananas I found I had like get leaks along the seams of the tent so I covered them with flex seal

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It’s really about light intensity. The moon can seem bright when it’s full but it only puts out like 1/4 lumen per square meter. Put that against a normal light bulb that can do 50 lumen per square meter or 50 lux. So you’ll be fine with full moons your whole grow. Put if you plant near a street light, you’ll have some issues.


Another way to look at it is go outside, during a full moon, and set off a smoke bomb. You’ll just see a weird, eerie solid green color. Do the same in front of a street lamp or porch light and you’ll see all the beams of light shooting every which way.


That’s the right answer. There is no measurable intensity from moon/stars.

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