Inside/ Outside Auto Grow

Week 4 Gorilla Glue Auto./ I have been putting plant outside from 9am to 7 pm then under Led 7pm to 12am 4 hours rest and back on Led at 4am .The plant is doing very well outside yet in morning at 9am it looks sick droopy .I feed before placing indoors .It is like the inside lights is making the plant sick and the outside is curing the problem .Just trying to get 20 hours of light, yet it seems the tent is not agreeing with this procedure. I have grown outdoors no problem and indoors no problem yet the mix is not working… Is there a reason behind this? I know I could leave in tent 24 hours or outside 24 but is there any reason I cant mix it up without having this problem .Running Maxisun 2000 100%

They like sun better than grow lights.

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Ok ,thank you for the reply …Even on the days that I skip feeding they are doing this and the result of the droop is hours later. I felt in this case after lights came back on at 4am by the time I placed back outside 4 hours later they would perk back up yet its not until I put back outside they look fine. I feel it has something to do with inside .It may be the sun is practically down by 7pm and the plants are going into a rest mode then I stick in a tent at 100%. It may be a shock of some sort .It usually takes a couple hours to see plant going down hill. Whatever it may be, it is the change from outside to inside. Being a auto flower I think I will experiment with the light ratio on the LEDS.I feel if I had a bug problem it would droop all the time and not perk back up so I ruled that out .I ruled overwatering out .I ruled supplements out also. It may be light burn or the shock of .low light at end of the day because sun going down and placing in tent at 100%…I did not know if other growers had the same problem as of going from outside to inside daily .I was just trying this on these 2 auto flowers .I have no problem when growing full time inside and no problem full time outside .These 2 for some reason I think would not survive inside full time … That being said if the light ratio experiment fails within 3 days I will just leave Leds off in tent and under natural sun during day. And without a doubt I will capture some outside insect problems that I will deal with after these 2 have ran the course.

I will stay on schedule and go from there …I have been growing just about 5 years with better than average results … Still learning have experienced the droop many times and understand it . I guess I just let this auto grow inside /outside throw me off my game . I see the light now …I was jumping to conclusions before riding it out ,.again thanks for the advice !

What time you watering the plant?

My plants “sleep” at lights out and take about 45 minutes to “wake up” when the lights kick back on.


And “asleep”

I think you’re just seeing the transition from rest under no light/low light conditions to full sun. Although it’s worth noting that some plants are more susceptible than others to being stressed out when they’re moved inside/outside continually. I didn’t think weed was one of them, but I had a jalapeño plant that damn near died on me because I let it have some actual sun.

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Moving them inside then outside ends badly from my personal experience
Auto flowers love the sun
But also preform good under lights

I know people that run autos under 24hrs of lights and have had really good outcomes

Pick your location and leave them

Personally I don’t like LEDs, I just get bad results
I use HIDS 600 or 1000 watts

But personally, you can’t beat the sun, just put a small clear greenhouse around them to trap heat and protect them from the cold at night.

Looking good so far

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I water at 7pm taking them out of the sun .I directly put them under the lights in which they still look good until midnight. Then the lights go off at Midnight and lights come back on at 4am .Lights stay on till 9 or 10 am I go to put outside in sun and they are sad. So my thinking was 5 to 6 hours with lights back on they should have lifted back up yet its only after a hour or two before they do…So basically i have them on a 4 off 20 on mixture of light .

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Thanks, This may be the case .Also I note a 8 to 10 degree temp drop from 72 to 62 when lights go out in tent .

Ok, looks like everything will be alright .I took away the LEDs and just natural light did the trick. In this case Id say either leave outside or leave inside as Sweater76 said because this fixed the problem .,Thanks Sweater76 !

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Makes sense. RIP jalapeño plant and all other house plants that died from shock being moved in and out. I’m glad your plant is back to happy and was saved before it was too late.

yea RIP to the lost ones …and thanks for the advice !

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