Inside or outside?

Hello again friends. I am curious to know, if I plant autos outside (cloth pots and super soil) will they still be about ten weeks to harvest? The little chart thing-a-ma-hicky says ten weeks indoors, outdoors will be October. If someone could please clarify this for me. My grow room is pretty full and I was considering an outdoor grow… if it is still ten weeks or thereabouts.

Autos don’t follow a calendar. My guess is 90 days from sprout depending on actual strain.

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Most vendors will tell you the amount of flowering time. So, if ILGM (for example) says 10 weeks, that is 10 weeks after it starts flowering. In general you can count on an autoflower being in the vegetative state for about 8 weeks before flowering begins.
Of course, every strain is different, and other factors (nutrients, your environment) will have an affect on the growth as well.


Thanks guys… I appreciate it. The answer is as I thought. Just making sure it is as I thought. :wink:

Yup strain makes a big diff. Indicas tend to flower faster then sativas. Then the ruderalis (auto genes) give them a idgaf attitude… where are u located? The seasons are a changing and the shortend daylight hours may help u flip em over faster. But nobody honestly knows except the plant