Insecticide you use?

What insecticides do you use?

I just read the latest topic from Robert
And i was curious what everyone else is using?
It seems you also need a wetting agent for these oils?

I just bought the plant protector system from ILGM, is this good enuf or both?

Indoor grow WW autos

I was under the impression Bergman’s system was complete. I would use that following the instructions and be done.


Does Mr. Bergman ever chime in on the forums?

Not that I’ve seen. He has staff that are here though

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Makes sense, it had me thinking after reading his article why didnt he pimp his product?

He is. Stick around my brother.

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There used to be a a private message function. They removed that.

Oh i aint going nowhere i am currently addicted to ILGM

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I’ve been experimenting with Castile soap(a few drops) and a squirt bottle of water for my pests outside. Trying to get ratio right. I grow inside and besides two or three gnats I’m clear. Saw gnats after I tried molasses in water for my buds. Read somewhere that if you’re using molasses for micro bacteria it doesn’t do too much as bacteria increases when food supply is larger but once food gone the extra population dies not sure if it has a true effect on buds. Would have to repeatedly grow same strain same way with and without it to be sure

After researching I’m thinking about trying a Castile soap or wetting agent (is there a difference) with some essential oil cinnamon and garlic drops in water. (indoor grow)
I don’t have a insect problem yet… I am more thinking preventive but i want to keep it organic and chemical free as possible.

@Jheezy can you post a link of the soap used? Want to make sure buying right stuff.

I grabbed some of that dr bronners or something amazing and wildly wonderful Castile soap lol I think it was lavender smelling. Idk something my wife had I snuck some out to my lair in the yard hahahahaha or my potting table as some call it. It’s where my worms are Oh yeah soap 32 oz like $20 on Amazon. I think I got mine at earth fair or green life or some hippiness like that Many different kinds. Almond peppermint I’m not sure which is best Peppermint seems like best bet

Yea @Jheezy i was looking at the Dr Bronners (not really many mfgs). I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to get the unscented or like you mentioned maybe peppermint supposed to be a good repellent.

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I looked it up. The bronner folks recommend a tablespoon of peppermint soap and to add 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon In a squirt bottle. I think I’ll try that mix and hopefully I won’t taste it. I can never tell what j is gonna do.

Oops it also said research of particular plant is okay to use insecticidal soap

I’d been teetering on buying a similar mix… I think you sold me too.
Lets return to this topic in month or so and report our results

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Robert is busy in the Labs making great genetics and writing articles for Bergman’s Lab.

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well, i got the spidy mites . after trying the cinnamon recipe , i still got them so, i am trying something from all of the replies. i mixed up some weird shit . to the cinnamon recipe i added about a one quater cup of jim beam. i also , instead of cayanne pepper, i used the seeds from two of my jalopeno peppers . instead ofalcohol, i used about a quater cup of acetone. i then added some dawn dishwashing soap. keep the mind open. if it dont solve the problem , oh well, i tried something. will re post tomorrow. fingers crossed

Humph your plants will be drunk and spicy… Should be tasty… Note in one of Bergmans articles he suggests against dawn but instead to use castile soap… I got some on the way.

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Anybody ever buy any ladybugs? Was that u @ktreez420 ? Sounds solid to me. Or green lacewings

Yea that was me, I bought 300 on Amazon and they shipped them right to my door, alive and flying! They worked GREAT for me, but it’s because I grow in a big open basement that is unfinished. The lady bugs were given the freedom to roam where ever they wanted, I didn’t mind if any came into the rest of the house, but none actually did. They killed the pests, then they just disappeared, died off most likely.

@dumme has recently posted a thread on praying mantis eggs and hatching them in his grow room. It’s super interesting! Let Mother Nature do her thing, the natural food chain is awesome :v: