Insect preventative \control

Im looking for info on insect preventative. Im looking for an organic soultion and read Neem would fit the bill. Is neem ok to use on my girls? Are there other preventative or control applications?
Edit* outdoor grow, Unicorn Poop and Tropical Fuel OG

Neem oil is acceptable, but only in veg. Captain jacks dead bug is okay to use until the end. It’s a spinosad based formula. Harmless bacteria to us, but kills soft bodied insects.

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Can i just use Capt Jacks throughout the grow? Or use both

You can use both, or you can use jacks throughout the grow. I do.

Thanks for the info

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Definitely wouldn’t use neem in flower Peeyeew.

Does neem have an odor? Ive never used it. I ended up getting a bottle of capt jacks and applying in in a little bit

Yes very strong odor. @BakedDog

Thanks, bad enough the girls will have their own. I dont need the added attention