Insect infestation!

My grow tent has been infested with flies!
From the research I’ve done house flies shouldn’t bother my girls any but one is starting to show problems and I’m not sure if it’s related to the insane amount of flies. I’ve put up sticky traps in the tent but they keep on coming. Please help!

If it’s a common house fly. Basil is good at keeping them away. Where/how they getting into the tent? I’d put the sticky strip outside the tent as not to draw them in.

What kinda medium you using? Anything with Poo in it?


Id get a basil plant or 2 and throw in there make sure the basil plant dont have any bugs on it before u put it in the room tho. Lol.


I grow basil and cilantro in small plastic pots in my tent. They grow very fast and I usually have to toss mature herbs and start anew ever couple of months. They’re 2 of my favorite herbs too.

There’s a couple of bell pepper plants in this pic too.


My first thought is something like decaying organic matter attracting them. Great methods posted here by other members.


As far as your leaves go, could you have splashed water/nutes on them by chance?

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Thanks everyone. I’m going to get some basil today for sure.

After a lotttle more research I’m thinking it’s a nutrient lockout from a mistake on my end.

But Oan my girls have been looking very droopy since I put them under the LED

HLG 900rspec
They’re getting about 20k lux of light (if that’s how u word it)
79°, 50% rh
Pro-Mix HP soil
Jacks 321
Did give them recharge after transplant

It’s been about 4 days since they went under the LED

All auto flowers. My first grow were bag seed photos and those girls were perky and praying their whole life so these autos are kind of worrying me :sweat_smile: