Insect identification

what is this? :point_down:t5:


How do I get rid of them in flowering and re-vegging?

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I think it’s a fungus gnat, but I’m not sure. Where did you find it, was it on the soil?

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I keep saying we need an entomologist on this forum! They would be busy with all the tags! Lol


Spinosad works great, Like Montery Insect Garden Spray at Lowes or other home improvement stores. It’s for organic veggies and tobacco, and you can use it every week until a week before harvest. FDA says it’s so non-toxic to humans you can spray organic veggies and still call them organic!


I would get some yellow sticky cards and potato slices and put them around the soil.

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No, They are on the plant.

I think we should wait for an expert on this. Sorry, I really don’t know what it is.

I live in Jamaica. :sweat_smile: but I will see if I can find it or order it online.

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You can do a Google image search by uploading that pic to Google. There’s a fair chance it’ll turn up more pics of the same critter.

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This did not work. :triumph:

can you see them :rage:?

This is on the same plant.

Hard for my eyes to see clearly, but are those flowers trying to emerge?

I’d take it now, personally. Some like to pull them, but I don’t trust myself to get them all.

Well, then … email that pic to your county extension office and ask them what it is. If you’re not in the US, I’ll email it to my extension office.

While you’re trying to ID the pest, you could start diatomaceous earth and neem oil treatments. You could also hose it down with liquid Sevin. It’s not organic but if breaks down pretty quickly in the environment and kills a wide range of pests. Much further into flower I’d probably avoid it.

@Candygrowja , @Rexx … It doesn’t look like a Fungus Gnat .9567 . Maybe it is a Blue Meanie .

I wouldn’t use sevin on a budding plant. Humans have to smoke it! Spinosad is used on organic veggies and according to USDA they still qualify as organic. It’s used on tobacco up to a week before harvest, so humans can smoke it with no harm. If you can’t get spinosad, can you get oregano oil? Or use neem.

Don’t use neem oil after they start to flower. It will foul the taste of the buds. Use it Only during veg.

Exactly. Should be fine during veg if a person doesn’t mind non organic.

If you use it during veg, than I would throw away all the fan leaves as they die or are trimmed off. Sevin leaves a residue on leaves. You do not want to smoke that or any oil or whatever made from that.

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