Ins and outs of starting seed

How far above do we keep the T5??? I got one I could use if I was confident with it.

The T5 can go only a few inches from the plants, so very close, like 3-6".

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How much stronger are the t5 compared to the standard t8?? Is it t8? The household one.

I don’t know, i’m sorry, I’ve never used a T8. I don’t think there’s that much difference.

The difference between a T5 and a T8 is the diameter of the bulb, in eighths of an inch. T5 = 5/8, T8 = 8/8 or one inch, T12(the old, less efficient magnetic induction bulb) = 12/8 or 1.5 inches. A T5 bulb can create as much (sometimes more) light as a T8 but in less space.


Is your netpot sitting directly on the heat mat or is there a dish of water? How long do you keep it like this? I am new to hydro and trying to learn all I can.

I did a bit o homework myself too and couldn’t find anything different to what you said here pretty much. I kinda hoped for a stronger light.

I almost broke the tap root off I didn’t know was across the bottom of the rockwool cube. From now on i’m not moving them ever after the 24 hour soak. Yes its sitting right on the heatmat , I top spray till its in a 3 gal bucket then the airstone waters it
Gorilla Glue #4 from dead to filling a 4X6 tent for over 1 LB in 100 days or less in a race with a Durban Poison Autoflower clown_face
will show you germination, its about 35 days old now.


I’m going to describe how I royally screwed up a run in the hope that someone else might learn from my mistakes:

I like rapid rooter plugs. I started about two dozen seeds, first in paper towel and then into a generic rapid rooter. The pack of plugs was old but unopened. It JD visible fungus inside. Against my better judgement, I tried to use them anyway. I sprayed them with 1:5 bleach:water, and soaked them in that mixture for 15 minutes. Then I rinsed them thoroughly with plain water. I squeezed out every plug and rinsed again. I placed the seeds into the plugs and sprayed with water and hydrogen peroxide. They all went into a starter tray under a humidity dome. I placed a heat mat under the tray.

Out of twenty-six seedlings, seventy percent dampened off. In order to save $20 (the price of a new bag of one-hundred plugs) I wasted far more than a pack of seeds. Really demoralized me at the time.

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