Ins and outs of starting seed

I have never started from seed and would like to know the ins and outs from start to veg before I screw something up

There are different ways of starting seeds. Myself I usually just put them in a damp paper towel in a ziplock however this time I soaked in cup of water for 24hrs and got a tap root but if no tap root put in damp paper towel. Once got tap root plant in medium and watch it grow.


There are many ways to start a seed, everyone has their own method. I soak my seeds for 24 hours, then put them straight into Rapid Rooters on a heat mat set to 77°F. I usually see them pop in a day or two. Once they are sprouted they go under a T5 for 24 hours of light for the first week, and then 18/6 light after that. That should bring the seedling into veg.


Damp paper towel here, in small container of some kind until they pop and into peat pellets. If the weather is cool, they sit on the DVR or something else that makes a little heat.

Some will use a humidity dome of some kind once they’re above ground for a week or two. I usually don’t and just mist them a couple times a day.

Download the Grow Bible from this site for tons of info on all stages of growing.

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I have purchased seeds from ILGM and seems one plant looks different . Do autoflower whitewidow ever get mixed with anoyher type seed

@Bostonbob your plants are probably displaying different phenotypes. No two plants grow alike


My method to scuff the seeds slightly by putting them into a small container lined with sandpaper. Shake them up a little to scuff them. I then put them into shot glasses with about an oz of water with a drop of hydrogen peroxide. After 24 hours if the seeds haven’t sunk, I give them a poke and they usually sink. Within 24 more hours, they should crack and the taproot should be visible. From there I go directly into my seedling media just under the surface.

I use gatorade bottles cut in half as humidity domes and they go under 24 hrs of light until they break ground. I want the seedlings to see light as soon as they sprout and from there they go on their 18/6 schedule. As delicate as newly germinated seeds are, I don’t like to mess with them much. In a couple days they should be up and for the next 2 weeks or so they get misted with a spray bottle twice a day until they get established.

I’ve only been growing for about a year and just started my third grow but I’ve used this method on 9 seeds and have had 100% success.

24 hour 30 to 1 water/peroxide soak then strait into this

I wait till I see it pop on top then into a 3 gal bucket under 24 hour light with an airstone netpot 2" off water. Airstone will water seedling from the bottom, no need to top water :clown_face:

Ty my friend . The leaves looked a little different and plant stubby . Ill keep an eye on it. The others look similar to each other

Have you ever bent a plant and had it still grow? Had an accident with one last night moving it

Congratulations, you just Low Stress Trained her. I bend and tuck my plants to control height. As long as it didn’t break it off it should bounce back. The site of the bend may create a “knuckle” which is perfectly normal. If the stem is split, tape it back together and keep an eye on it. Should be fine

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Ty i was worried I lost one

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Help…what am i doing wrong…this is the third day of soil. sprouted them in wet paper towel. Each seed opened. long white root on each seed. …thank you.

You just need more/closer light.

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You have a couple things going on there. First off, those pots are very small and will root bind quickly. They look to be stretching which means you need more light. Lower your light. Soil looks wet, at this stage, misting the surface a couple times a day is all they need. Add some more soil to support those leggy plants.


Yes, exactly what @SilentHippie said.

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I think should transplanr in bigger containers now and better soil and alot more light

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Bigger pots ,more light ,less water

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Thank you all for your responses. Followed the advice…we shall see…thankyou.this will be the third grow for me. I have never had issues with sprouting the seeds. This time…not so easy…anyway, i am committed to seeing this through…Once the seeds sprout and you put them in soil, what type of light do you put them under? the regular vegetation bulb or use something else…i. i used MEIZHI 1000 Watt LED Grow Light for Plant Veg and Flower . i dont think it was enough light once they got into soil…i have them in the tent with the vegetation phrase bulb.


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I use a cheap Chinese 300w led (120w actual) for seedlings. Seedlings dont need a lot of light. I have it set at about 18". I’m transplanting this weekend and the girls will be under 2 HLG 260xl lights through harvest.