Inknown Indica plant

Not sure if any of you seasoned folks might recognize this plant, probably a shot in the dark. This was our first grow last year probably since early 2000s when we would just throw a seed in the ground. We got this seed from someone who only knew it was an Indica, no name. It was the most beautiful plant and amazing smoke…so sorry we didn’t clone. Does it look familiar to anyone?


Nice looking plant but unfortunately there is no way to identify a strain from a photo.
Even genetic testing only has a few varieties they can identify.


Thats what I thought but just wanted to throw it out there…thanks!

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You can’t necessarily identify by smell either. Only one strain out of 300+ I have smoked that I could identify by smell. Purps #1 by Dinafed. She is one potent plant. Strongest plant I have ever grown.

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