Injured lady.... need help!

Hey everyone. I have a GSC extreme auto and my 2 y.o broke one of the colas!:sleepy:
Stats = 52 days from seed. Fox farm soil etc… Veg outdoor and in at night under 800watt COB LED. Pulls 300 watts avg from wall. Total 20/4 cycle. Feed 100% Tiger Bloom and 50% Big bloom since 2nd week of flower. Buds are taking forever to fill out! Any help is very much appreciated guys. Id hate for this to affect my yield drastically because shes big and healthy.


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Drop your light cycle to 16/8 or 12/12 if it’s still attached you can use honey or aloe and tape it up and it can heal depending on the damage


Ok thanks. Will this improve my yield as well? It seems to be slow to pack on buds.

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I snapped my main cola, taped her up ,and gave some extra support, seem to have come back great, good luck

Like @Hogmaster said use aloe and tape her up. I like painters tape, but whatever you have. Use a splint as well. You can use a bamboo skewer, or a tongue depressor, or anything to help brace the limb.

Hey thanks for the help. Its 8 weeks old. Any idea when these buds are gonna fill out?

In about 4 weeks do as hog master said lower your light schedule some autos can be stubborn put her on 12 12

Ok will do. And thanks again for the help guys.

I’m going to watch this. I had one almost identical to yours and I couldn’t get it to finish.
I finally had to take it because it was dying on the inside. Very larfy buds with a good head high. 4 oz from it but I’ll be using it for dry ice hash and edibles

Keep a close eye on her
Mine started rotting in the 16 th week from seed. Sour Kush auto

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I know honey is awesome but what does it do to the injured plant? @Hogmaster Just curious.

Hey thanks for the info bro. That was a great looking plant too! Shame… I hope this one turns around. She’s been slow growing now for 2 weeks. I have 7 plants total and she was the fastest grower. Now after 54 days from seed she’s slower way down. I’m gonna put her on 12/12 tonight and see if that will trigger her to pack on some weight. Shes definitely behind. Thanks again bro.

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I still got some use out of it and it was a learning experience for my first grow. Hopefully yours will be different.

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Honey stops the air infection and elements to getting to a break in. A stalk after it splinter or you over super crop and snap a branch prop it with a splint then slather with honey or aloe I use vaseline sometime and like tapeworm a bandaid sit itll heal up nicely

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Now that’s some of the best knowledge/advice ive ever heard on a forum! Thanks alot for that one man.

I don’t know why a lot of people think that it needs 24 hours late because it does most of it’s growing when its sleeping it like us it needs rest to grow big and strong

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Thanks man. Well sorry to say the branch fell off I removed the tape I had on there to apply the honey and it was brown and dead around the break. 15685272665822122381241|374x500

I have it drying out but I’m mourning the loss of my precious yield. Smh.

Also the entire plant’s bud sites are small like this. It just won’t fill out! Here’s her sister…

I’m in love! Lol

Hey bro… I meant to tell you. She’s already at 8 weeks. She’ll be done in 4 weeks or very close to it. I’ve got her on 12/12 now.

They fatten up at the end that’s what we hold out for increase the phosphorus and potassium lower nitrogen

Yeah ive read that a million times. Just a lil impatient because she was my star player at first. Lol Thanks bro. I’ll definetly update when she does.