Inherited three mothers - how to save them?


Hi all,

Recently a friend passed on three mother plants to me. They are poorly taken care of, and are too tall (tops very near the light in the tent, and light is at max height. You will see a lot of browning on them all over (crispy leaves).

I would love to hear your suggestions on saving them (and how exactly to cut them down to a shorter size).

Also, most of the green growth is at the top/top half…how does one deal with that if you are trying to shorten the plant?

Thanks in advance folks.


Get some rapid rooters and clones and cut off some branches and make clones. You want the top 2-3 nones of the branches. Make clean cuts, cut off bottom leaves, dip in clonex then stick in rapid rooters. Put under dear lights and wait to root. You need to soak the rapid rooters in water first. I use a Tupperware container with a bit of water in the bottom and a used spinach container as a dome.


I would first take off all the yellow leaves. Then I would water them with some phed put water. Test ur ppms of ur water going in and then test the run off ppms and ph. Adjust accordingly. Then after u get that and they spring back to life I would start cloning like wicked said.

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I would also start by remove if all the dead or dying (past the point of no return ) foliage and see what’s left and do as @Killadruid recommend bring them back
from the looks of
I need to agree with @WickedAle here cloning them once they recover is prob best there is. NO way to make them shorter


Also if those are the origainal pots you might want to transplant to fabric pots with a little fresh soil


I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971
Bigger pots may be a good 1st or 2nd step to get them back to being happy


Clear out all dead foliage first and see what’s left. You might wanna clone and start over if they’re too tall and you don’t have space to spread them out

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