Inherited first time grower

Hello everyone. First time grower here. I inherited all my equipment from my uncle (who was an avid member here), who recently passed away around Halloween. I repurposed an old army wardrobe closet measuring 3 x 3 x 6. I am currently growing one big bud clone. I am using a Hydrofarms Phantom 315 watt CMH light, have a six inch carbon filter and a dedicated fresh air intake. Everything looks real good, my question would be, is my light big enough, I am using the scrog method in my grow box. Have inside of box completely lined with mirrored film. Thank you everyone.


i would have to say yes on a 3by3by6’tall @Hotrod98s

Welcome to Ilgm, sorry about your uncle. Glad he could point you in a great direction for info and support.
If you need help the @ symbol in front of the username is how we tag folks like this @Hotrod98s
The 315 will be fine for a 3x3, good luck and keep em green :sunglasses:


@Nug-bug thank you and excited to be here, will upload photos later when I get home.


Cool will be watching, maybe when your comfortable you could shed some light on who your uncle was…
So sad to hear we lost a avid member


I have two of these lights, what I like the most about them is that they have remote ballasts, and was able to mount outside my cabinet, virtually eliminating a large portion of heat. Seems very easy to control temperatures. I don’t exactly know what he went by right off hand, but his name was Ray, and we are from Oklahoma. @Nug-bug, @BIGE


10-4 well either way my condolences and there’s plenty of knowledgeable peeps here that can ensure you get from seed to weed😉
Looking forward to the journal


Sorry for your loss and welcome!!
Happy growing!!:blush:

Sorry to hear about your uncle. Welcome to I love growing. I’m a new member here myself and all I can say is the people and members of this website are outstanding. Good luck with everything

Sorry about your uncle dude. Welcome!

Sorry we lost one, but that’s what happens. Lots of old codgers like me here, looking for meds. Welcome to the forum. You’ll be glad you used SCROG when it stretches. Some folks just let it grow natural and run out of room. It’s very bad to have to top plants in flower.

imageimageimageTook a few photos of my setup and girl this morning.


So sorry to hear about you’re loss.
Welcome to ILGM You’ll find this is one great site!