Inground rootbound plants help

Got a few plants in the ground that are appearing to be rootbound
I started early and maybe hole isn’t big enough
Using feminized seeds not clones

But I need help or tips on how to get it if being root bound or what can I do and will it kill my plants it’s only July

Others who have grown outside/in-ground can help (I haven’t), but they’ll want to see some pics. :slightly_smiling_face: Also, any other info you can provide, such as soil, nutes, environment, etc.

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Mine are in my garden soil with vegetables, came from a solo cup, only 1 was struggling but looks like its finally doing something 5/10 - 5/20 in the garden, root bound possibly but all the others are 2-7 ft tall.


My tall plant I bent over to curb her groth sprout she liked it and the top is competing with the side branches


If you can till the ground a couple feed out from the main stem, that may help. Cannabis roots spread as wide as the plant will when not actually contained, so maybe a radius about that big for a little tilling.

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It depends on your soil. If you didn’t dig deep enough to fill with garden soil, it could possibly hit a layer of clay, foundation walls, or pipes.

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