Infusers / Extractors - Best uses and process

I wanted to make a quick topic about seeing if anyone has had any luck with or used other extractors / infusers.

I am looking at a couple cheap options to see what the results would look like for tinctures and oils.

Option 1 - Magical Butter Machine 2

Option 2 - Ongrok Butter Machine

They are some very good topics - should use the search tool

Magical butter machine was the best investment.
Makes top notch products consistently!


Magic butter machine is a nice set and forget type option

Never used the other option


Can’t go wrong with the Magic Butter. Been using mine for years and it never disappoints .


Mother-in-law got a Levo 2 " to help process the weed you guys will give me"… a little presumptuous :joy: but since she brings it over to infuse from trim and I get the benefits too, I won’t complain.

Seems to work really well. You have to get a feel for each batch I guess depending on the potency of the weed.

Alcohol extraction allows you to more precisely control dosage as lower potency weed will produce the same potency oil…just less of it. This is extremely helpful when trying to produce consistent results batch to batch.

The MBM is a good tool but does oil infusion with a fair amount of chlorophyll. A decent QWET in 190 proof alcohol will extract all the goodies but leave the chlorophyll behind.

You can do this with nothing more than a few Mason jars and filters if you have a supply of grain spirits. I bought a Source Turbo to recover my alcohol and reuse.

You can’t do this with an MBM:

That’s 5 grams of primo dab material.



So as someone new and trying to find the best way to use my plants when they reach harvest what is the benefit of the dabs?

Dabs are almost pure THC without plant material. Cleaner and less harmful to the lungs than smoking flower.


Buy an electric pressure cooker.

Get some pint Mason jars.

There you go. Ready to infuse.

Plus, you can use the pressure cooker to cook your dinner, too.


QWET is a wonderful way to EXTRACT. Completely different from INFUSIONS.

QWET can create tinctures, RSO, FECO, and even dabs. If you’re interested in discussing infusions or extracts, hit me up. 🍯 blackthumbbetty's Cannakitchen🍫

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