Infrared Light from Security Cameras

I have an ARLO security Camera. When regular lights are out and the motion sensor kicks on, it produces 850 nanometer wavelength infrared light for about 10 seconds. Does this length of IR exposure affect the plants?

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@ThunderMountainNaturals Just my opinion, but I don’t think it make any difference with such a short on/off time. Plants go hermie when a constant light is on them when they’re supposed to be dark. I’ve made that mistake before by not spotting a red led on a power strip and stressing a female strawberry kush plant to produce seeds.

Welcome to the forum @ThunderMountainNaturals you will find the folks here to be very helpful.

As far the how 850 nm light will impact cannabis, that would be an interesting experiment. They are not likely to be able to use that wavelength light but they may well “sense” it’s presence. :writing_hand:

Honestly I would throw a piece of tape over the light as far as I know the green light spectrum is the only spectrum that doesn’t harm a mj plant. And bein that the light is IR that is a spectrum that comes in a led grow light. Also, how many times during lights out do the cameras come on? Even if it is only for a few seconds it will interrupt the dark period and could affect the final yield and could potentially cause your plant to become hermi

Just because the ir spectrum is invisible to people, it doesn’t mean the plants don’t “see” it. Hermi waiting to happen imo