Infos needed for Coco/Perlite grow and mix

I can suggest nimbin nutrients Australia is also great for coco coir thats what im using have a look at nimbin nutrients

They will send u a feeding schedule aswell just ask them


Oh the good old Nimbin when I hear this towns name you bring back such amazing memories Byron bay and Nimbin . Had such a great time there but actually everywhere in Oz.
Beautiful country :relaxed:
Thanks i gonna check them out .

Another question .
I am thinking of getting an RO system as the water here is not the best.
If the water is filtered with the RO pump system it’s good to go or should leave for 24hours in case tap water got a lot of chlorine?
Because usually Thai tap water got quiet a lot chlorine inside

No worries have a look they have amazing products

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You should be good with the RO without it resting :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks legend :relaxed:

Anytime Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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Anyone know if it’s possible to transplant from soil to coco if i got 1-2 week old plants already if yes what steps should I follow ?

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If photo periods it’s no problem. Is that 2 weeks above ground, if so you’re safe for an auto as well. 2nd week of veg would be no bueno for the auto with the possibility of transplant shock and flower 2 weeks away :love_you_gesture:

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This was the first feed chart I downloaded. Went with Dr. Coco’s feed chart for GH and had a smooth first indoor grow. @beardless gave you the best source you’ll ever find for growing in coco. If you don’t read almost everything on the cocoforcannabis site you are doing yourself a disservice. You’ll find everything you need about growing in coco. Buffering, watering, TDS, EC, pH, etc from setup to harvest is all covered on the site. I second @OGIncognito, 70/30 mix of coco and perlite is perfect.


Thanks legend for your info!!
Just to confirm you went with 1tblsp = 14.787 millilitres ?
Just for calculating in ml so 1/4 would be 3.69669ml
And so on …

So in gonna mix the coco perlite mix in the next days and my Photoperiods are around 2 weeks old.
So i gonna transplant the from soil to coco.
Just taking of as much soil as possible when transplanting right ?

When you went with this feeding chart how many times did you feed let’s say you in week 2/3/4 whatever did you feed once a week and ever other day just watered pH water or feed twice in this week or every day ? I know read the pants some pants need different amount but just to know a estimated feeding time once , twice a week or whatever.

With the exception of a flush before transitioning to flower nutrients I never put water in without nutrients. Even when I flushed I followed it with about half strength nutes. I fed/watered once a day at lights on after the first week (maybe 8 or 9 days I’d have to look at notes). That was probably a little early to start fertigation, but it worked out fine. In my opinion if you’re using coco then never just water, always feed. The price you pay for all that air around the roots and excellent drainage is that the medium doesn’t hold onto a lot of nutrients.

Edit: first line not entirely accurate. I did a final flush as well.

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Thanks that helps a lot !
Because it would be a big difference if i follow the feeding schedule and just feed once or twice a week and the rest just water.
So you followed the feeding schedule and let’s say amounts of nautrients of week 3 you gave the feeding daily when lights on .
Thanks like this i can mix a batch for the week.
Feed Daily when lights on and move on to the next week mix new batch and so on .
Thanks legend :relaxed:

Do you have informations where my ppm should be at different stages of grow ?

@beardless @OGIncognito @Outlaw @Aussie_autos

Do you got a chart where my ppm should be at the different weeks and stages of grow ?

I found this chart for coco which shows me where my EC should be around .

Is there something for ppm as well ?

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Those are PPMs Growmie.

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It’s in the EC section and says EC ?
So i follow these ppm for coco ?
And what ECS ?

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High for me personally but in coco. I run starting week of veg at 500 PPMs increasing weekly and transition and maintain 1000 through flower and water feed the last 2 weeks. 1000 PPMS would be 2.0 EC as an example :love_you_gesture:

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Okay maybe someone got a feeding schedule or ppm chart for me ?

My plan is to transplant these 21 days old into coco tomorrow i am not sure what feeding schedule or what amount and what ppm / EC i should start with ?